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    • 🤣 🤣 This is what I was reminded of when reading the “Support Lindell” story. Lol. Save America, indeed.
      MyPillow Towels, “Made in Pakistan” – See the description ->

    • MyPillow Slippers, “Made in Cambodia” – See the description ->
      Thanks to @bebda for the links. They really gave me a chuckle. Lol. 🤣🤣

      • By the way, @dadmin – I was not able to leave any text when posting the photo above, therefore, I had to post comments. Don’t know if it is a bug or what…? Also, two links is too many.? Wow. That’s strict.

        • Hmmm. I will look into to that. That would be the first bug report I ever received. If anyone alse experiences anything weird, ever. Please let me know. Either here in a thread or use the contact page. Thanks @ray-pasnen – ps. – I understand your reasoning for wanting to leave two links, however, 99 out of 100 times, someone who wants to leave even one link is a spammer. You are today’s exception to the rule. The strict 1 link per comment stands. We don’t want to be looking at a bunch get rich quick schemes and viagra ads in the timeline.

          • Ahh. I just thought. Maybe it was because I was trying to leave two links in the text portion of the post. But, I did not get the error when I tried to publish. It just refreshed and my post was not there…

    • Ray Pasnen, I don’t give a rip where Mike Lindell gets his products! He has spend millions of dollars trying to help this country and our President Trump! I buy his products and will continue to buy his products! If all you can do is complain, go jump in the lake!

      • But, there are over 400 lakes in Pakistan. Into which one shall I jump? If only he could have found a place with more lakes in which to manufacture his products. Where is he from again? Minnesota? Maybe they don’t have enough lakes to justify the manufacture of his ‘Proudly made in the USA’ merchandise.?

      • Isn’t it ironic? The two companies that Trump cut commercials for since his becoming President were GOYA (from Mexio) and MyPillow (products from Pakistan and Cambodia, that we know of). No specifically ‘American-made’ companies yet. But, I am sure he will get around to it if we can only see our way clear to donating a few million dollars more to his super pac. Lol. Suckers.

    • @ray-pasnen Don’t you have some bleeding heart friends to hang out with over on the face-thing? We don’t need a whole lot of double-talk BS here. Open your mind and see another side.

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