• PJ Jordan posted an update 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Went to the doctor to test my theory yesterday. Sat down and took off my mask. The doctor entered the room and said nothing. I was just there to refill a RX until Trump returns. I told him I was off all other meds he read off, he did not look happy for me. Hmmmm he then called in my RX and I noticed his strange pen which he showed to me. Very strange pen for a doctor to have. Not once has this doctor ever looked me in the eyes. I wore my cross, crystal necklace and 5G protection necklace and an 11 11 T-shirt, played healing music on my phone, he still never reacted or looked directly at me only pecked at his portable laptop and told me to set up a bone density test as he tells me every time I go to him. One never knows who we are in contact with until we are awake fully

    • Let’s hear some more about that pen. Why was it so strange?

      • It was had a Lizard or Fairy head on it. He called it a Fairy pen. Am a photographer so notice everything. I wonder if he would have let me take a picture of it but I was pushing my luck and my husband was giving me that look, lol. I always have asked too many questions my entire life. I know about the Lizards but he does see children so maybe I am wrong. He also goes to Haiti and has carvings and paintings on his office wall. I already know about the lizard people. Many know. I just wondered if he was one but then I look at everyone differently. Not much of a social butterfly but do notice people from a distance and study. Have 2 wonderful friends and many acquaintances as I do not trust easily. He may just be an odd bird, just thought the pen was weird. I know about the Freemasons but not are all bad. Only he knows for sure who he is, just glad that was my last visit with my husband who lost his nose due to cancer. Questions questions questions kind of person I am. We needed the RX to make it until Trump comes back so we had to go see him, if not we would not have gone at all. He did not seem happy that I had taken myself off a lot of RX eating all organic fruits and vegys. One would think he would have been happier for me as I had ulcerative colitis. Now I don’t seem to have it as long as I eat organic.

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