Nikki Haley Gets ROASTED Following CNN RemarksNikki Haley Gets ROASTED Following CNN Remarks

Only a tool believes the non-sensical, deep-state allegations against President Trump.

Everyone with half a brain and just a tiny amount of perspective can see that all of the litigation against President Trump is purely political. Anyone who knows how politics works in the third world, even just a little bit, understands this.

When the security apparatus of the country, any country, becomes involved in elections then the country is doomed.

When the incumbent uses the power of the state and the justice system to go after his political opponent in the hopes of jailing him or her ‘democracy’ is destroyed.

Again, one does not have to be an Oxford expert in Middle Eastern, South American, or Russian political affairs to understand this, yet so many people who claim to be educated seem to be remiss on this point.

There seems to be an inverse correlation between those who claim to be the most traveled and refusing to see that we have become just like these third-world banana republics.

Nikki Haley, the former Ambassador to the United Nations, should know more than anyone else that the prosecution against the former President is purely political and represents third-world political tactics.

However, in a recent CNN interview, the former U.N. Ambassador and Presidential candidate threw shade at President Trump and gave an air of legitimacy to the litigation against him.

Haley should know better, and I assume that she does. I don’t think she’s stupid, I think she’s just evil. She doesn’t see the problem of a deep-state orchestrated coup against the country.

She doesn’t care if the United States resembles Venezuela, Russia, the entire Middle East, or India. She’s completely comfortable with such tactics. Here’s what she recently had to say, followed by remarks from patriotic Americans:

Axios reports that Neocon Nikki’s fundraising is surging, the only question is who’s doing the funding?

Haley raised $16.5 million in January, including $11.7 million from grassroots supporters, according to her campaign.
The campaign also added 69,274 new donors last month.

One patriot remarked: “You really want the lefts crooked election interference to work? You are a low-down bottom feeder. Thanks for letting us know you rat.”

CBS News also noted her appearance on SNL. Any political candidate who appears on late-night television is bought and paid for by the military-industrial complex and the deep state:

Haley stood up from among the “SNL” studio audience with a microphone in hand, ready to question Trump on his record as “a concerned South Carolina voter,” as Thompson had introduced her.
In real life, Haley and Trump are preparing to go head-to-head in the upcoming primary in her home state, which will be a crucial opportunity for Haley as she hopes to stay alive in the race to take on President Biden.

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