Donald J Trump 2024 ElectionDonald J Trump 2024 Election

Brand new ad just posted by Donald Trump on his TruthSocial.

First line: “This is the final battle.”

Yes, indeed.

He’s telling us this is it.

The final act.

From 2015 to 2023, it all comes down to this.

I believe he’s already won…

I believe they already have all the evidence…

He’s way too calm given everything that’s happening if he didn’t already know he holds all the cards.

But he had to let it play out.

He had to SHOW the normies.

Many still aren’t awake.

So more has to play out before the final Trump Card is played.

He’ll play it when the time is right, but he’s waiting for every last second to wake up as many people as he can.

That’s my take.

And I think this video proves it….

Watch for yourself, it’s so good:

By Jr

I support Trump!

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