Trump Raised $20 Million In AugustTrump Raised $20 Million In August

Donald Trump has raised $20M in August, according to his campaign. Since he was processed in the Fulton County jail and had a mugshot taken, he has raised more than $9.4M.

Despite the multiple indictments and the first-ever presidential mugshot, his contributors continue to send in campaign contributions. The campaign knew the mugshot would be a money-maker and fundraising came swiftly as soon as it was released. The angry scowl seen around the world is marketed on various merchandise on Trump’s website. Trump haters are buying up merchandise on other sites and displaying their purchases on social media like it is a badge of honor.

The merchandise sales are impressive so far. The totals reported include 36,000 T-shirts, 24,000 coffee mugs and 8,600 posters. One thing that people talk about is the amount of money Trump is spending on legal bills and how a lot of those bills are being paid by campaign donations. It’s being reported that the mugshot merchandise money is being earmarked by the campaign for political an campaign activities and won’t be used to cover legal expense. Trump has spent tens of millions of dollars on legal bills since the season of indictments began. Altogether, Trump is facing 91 counts in all four indictments.

Trump raised $5M in the first 48 hours after the indictment in Manhattan and $10M over five days. After the indictment over the mishandling of classified documents, his campaign said it raised $6.6M. Campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said that last Friday was the biggest fundraising day for the Trump campaign so far, with $4.18M raised on the day alone. Trump’s mugshot was taken on Thursday night.

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