Election workers extract mail-in ballots in a secure room at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 3, 2020.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has just dismissed the lawsuit from Mike Kelly and Sean Parnell to declare universal mail-in voting unconstitutional in the state and deny the votes of the majority of Pennsylvanians who voted by mail in the 2020 election.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected the election challenge by arguing that a law permitting no-excuse mail voting violated the state Constitution. The court said that the claim lacked “due diligence” and could have disenfranchised millions of voters.

Mark Levin blistered the PA Supreme Court in his response to the decision:

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  1. The rogue PA Supreme Court is the most detestable court in the land. The Democrat majority doesn’t even pretend to sit as justices.
  2. They’re political hacks in black robes who have destroyed PA’s election system, unconstitutionally seized power from the state legislature, and sits as a Democrat-Party politburo.
  3. Rather than uphold the federal and state constitutions, it has shredded them. Stalinism lives.

The case document is below:

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One thought on “Mark Levin Blasts “Rogue” PA Supreme Court for Dismissing Lawsuit to Declare Mail-In Voting Unconstitutional”
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  2. Thank you for keeping us up to date on the news. Boy. These guys really burn my ass. Don’t worry They’ll find out soon enough!!!! Please keep up the good work!

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