• Matthew Armington posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    For the last 6 years we have watched this country turn it’s back on the future of our children… the Demo-rats and deep state, have destroyed their values with indoctrination, absence of god’s commandments, no common sense, radical racism, systemic violence against conservative policies, fake elections, fake news, and a slew of other strategies to hand this country over to the globalists… we need to literally fight physically if we are going to keep this republic alive… it’s not about money folks… if it was we would have anteed up a long time ago… it’s about evil… the deep state is evil… anyone who goes against them alone gets bullied… we the people need to physically rise and start kicking some ass… we need that one leader who is not afraid of the consequences and not afraid to rally all of us into total insurrection against the deep state… it’s our civil duty to protect this country against these domestic terrorists.

    • What we need is a well regulated militia!

      • i fully agree with you… and we also need our military to renew it’s confirmation of the real constitution… “for the people, and of the people”…. not for the government or politicians.

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