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  • we now know Fauci ordered the genocide of every COVID 19 DEATH…. by his CDC directive to treat COVID 19 with Remdesivir… which is a controversial drug known to take people own with 5 deadly side effects… we also know that this who ordeal was a planned attack by Fauci/.Gates and globalist elites…. they weaponized the NIH, CDC, WHO, AND AMA…[Read more]

  • i pray that England wakes up and god overrules the current despots in power.

  • back to back 30 day suspensions because i tell the truth about the fake pandemic that could have been control and subdued by Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin… all of the people in the media and the medical field that contributed to the actual lie that this was more dangerous than the common cold should be put in prison… Fauci… who is, in no…[Read more]

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    we the people who by a vast majority know that our election was stolen… are praying for all the states to do the right thing and physically audit each and every vote for authenticity and constitutional validation… and then Trump should resume his rightful position as the real president of this country.

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    the military and all criminal probes should be restoring the stolen election to the people for the rightful president,.,.. who is Trump…. and since his victory has been so far corruptly hidden… Trump should be allowed to take over this term until 2024… whence he deserves the right to be re-elected to another full term.

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    Paul Ryan is a well known Obama kiss ass…. he doesn’t have enough influence to peddle a piss ant’s motorcycle around the inside of a cheerio…. he was a political implant in a botched operation…. someday a plastic surgeon will fix the deflated boob…. until then he’s just a desalinated reject in a sea of corrupt rhinos.

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    i fully agree with you… and we also need our military to renew it’s confirmation of the real constitution… “for the people, and of the people”…. not for the government or politicians.

  • The investigation into the Wuhan lab leak has been handled, so far by people who have actually been associated with it and supported it either financially or through charitable third party donations… the lead investigator was in fact seriously involved in every aspect of it’s operation, and knew of the “gain to function” experiments they were…[Read more]

  • in response to General Flynn…. the democratic party enabled China to use the virus as a weapon…. take a good look at the politicians, the timeline and their actions… February… Pelosi is partying in Chinatown… huge red flag as to what this is all about… Biden saying that Trump is xenophobic at the same time and that restricting air…[Read more]

  • all across the country people have noticed the alarming inflation in everything we buy right now… the people are losing all hope for this criminal pack of thieves that inhabits Washington… gas and oil up, lumber up, food costs rising, taxes rising, and our paychecks going nowhere… i have to laugh at the ridiculous message Jill Biden is…[Read more]

  • For the last 6 years we have watched this country turn it’s back on the future of our children… the Demo-rats and deep state, have destroyed their values with indoctrination, absence of god’s commandments, no common sense, radical racism, systemic violence against conservative policies, fake elections, fake news, and a slew of other strategies…[Read more]

  • if you follow MSM they want you to believe without a doubt that Donald Trump is guilty of something… yet they never find that something… but they think it’s still ok to misrepresent reality and lie to this country… it’s time they are all held accountable for their ignorant actions against our president Donald Trump… and this country……[Read more]

  • i believe that all of the people involved in gain to function research are murderers…. they should be charged as such… Fauci and Gates included.

  • just got another 30 day suspension from facebook for posting about Fauci… i said if it was up to me… he would be in jail awaiting his execution.

  • our government and governors should be charged with murdering thousands of people because they denied the medicines that work to eliminate COVID… they have criminally denied the population to create a money making vaccine for their own wealth… they’ve enforced needless mask mandates and countless of business closings… it’s criminal……[Read more]

  • Both the republican and the democratic party are steeped in corruption… government and globalists, build them into millionaires…. then they deliver the lies and bullshit the globalists want.

  • we continue with an out of control government… the left has usurped power and is using it against the people with a horrendous misinformation campaign that is designed to strip our rights and push oligarchs into higher positions.

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