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Donald Trump may soon have his answer to Big Tech censorship. The former president personally teased the huge development on Friday, while a senior adviser has now said outright, a “new social media platform coming soon.”

“New social media platform coming soon,” Miller said. “DM me to have your handle reserved!”

Miller recently left a job as the president’s chief spokesperson to pursue a job in a tech company, the Hill earlier reported.

“Something very cool is on the way!” Miller remarked.

This follows upon the president making an appearance on Newsmax with Rob Finnerty and Ric Grenell on Friday morning. Watch:

“Well, watch next week, because you will see me do something about Big Tech,” he responded. “And people have wanted me to do it a long time.”

“And it won’t be too surprising,” he continued. “They don’t love me to talk about it early. But watch what I do next week on Big Tech. I think you will find it very interesting.”

It is unclear exactly what Donald Trump was referring to in the interview, but it appeared to be the announcement of a long-anticipated social media platform to rival Big Tech giants.’

In March, it was reported that Trump is creating a new social media platform and ‘it will be ready in 2-3 months,’ according to Jason Miller, who was a spokesperson for Trump’s 2020 campaign.

It will be his own platform” that will “completely redefine the game” and attract “tens of millions” of new users, Miller told Fox News’ Media Buzz.

In February, Miller, a senior adviser to the former president, revealed the actions that Trump is planning in an interview on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125, aka the Patriot Channel.

“I would expect that we will see the president reemerge on social media,” Miller said when asked what Trump plans to do next. “Whether that’s joining an existing platform or creating his new platform, there are a number of different options and a number of different meetings that they’ve been having on that front. Nothing is imminent on that.”

It certainly appears to be imminent now.

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