President Trump’s 2023 CPAC Speech – See the FULL SPEECHPresident Trump’s 2023 CPAC Speech – See the FULL SPEECH

In case you missed it yesterday, I’ve got you covered.

President Donald Trump attended the final day of CPAC 2023 and he took it out with a bang!

I had so many people texting me yesterday saying this was his best speech ever.

He looks sharper and tougher than ever before, and he even said so.

He said when he comes back in 2024 he’s going to move incredibly fast because now he knows all the players and he knows how D.C. works.

And he is going to take them out quickly and systematically.

He looked to be in “killer mode”…figuratively, of course.

Or perhaps a few will go to GITMO as well, that remains to be seen.


By Jr

I support Trump!

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