PROMISE BROKEN: Biden Will Follow Through With Fracking Ban After Months Of Denying ItPROMISE BROKEN: Biden Will Follow Through With Fracking Ban After Months Of Denying It

Throughout their campaign, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris denied that they would move to ban the decades-old oil-and-gas recovery technique known as “hydraulic fracturing” – “fracking,” for short.

“I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again. I am not banning fracking,” declared Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a speech in Pittsburgh in late August. “No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.”

During a debate with President Trump in October, Biden claimed again that he wouldn’t ban fracking, adding that he never said he would in the first place – a lie so blatant even CNN fact-checked the former vice president:

Facts First: It’s false that Biden never said he opposed fracking. In two Democratic primary debates, Biden made confusing remarks over fracking that his campaign had to clarify. In 2019, Biden said “we would make sure it’s eliminated” when asked about the future of coal and fracking; in 2020 he said he opposed “new fracking.”

But then the outlet went on to make a distinction without a difference, really:

Biden’s written plan, conversely, never included a full ban on fracking or even on new fracking. Rather, it proposes “banning new oil and gas permitting on public lands and waters” — not ending all new fracking anywhere or ending all existing fracking on public lands and waters. Harris also denied that Biden wanted to ban fracking.

“I will repeat, and the American people know, that Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact,” she said during her debate with former Vice President Mike Pence.

Of course, the fracking issue was important because a couple of important states – Pennsylvania and Ohio – depend on fracking for a lot of jobs and revenue.

And let’s be clear: Biden and Harris were both saying unequivocally that no, there would be no fracking ban.

As it turns out, that was a lie – and it became a lie on the same day those two were sworn in.

“President Biden promised to end all new oil and gas leasing on federal lands when was a candidate,” a reporter asked. “Does the administration still have that commitment today? To end that lease?”

“We do and the leases will be reviewed by our team we just have only been in office for less than a day now,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich added:

Earlier Tuesday, Biden signed an executive order placing the United States back into the Paris Climate Agreements, despite the country reducing emissions without being in the global agreement. He also revoked permits for the Keystone XL pipeline, eliminating 11,000 jobs and destroying $2 billion in wages.

So, with the lie comes less energy independence for America – one of President Trump’s record achievements – fewer jobs, higher energy prices, and even less faith that the Biden-Harris regime will be anything but an unmitigated disaster.

And we’re being honest about that.

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4 thoughts on “PROMISE BROKEN: Biden Will Follow Through With Fracking Ban After Months Of Denying It”
  1. Apparently, 66 million American adults think the carcass of Joe Biden deserves to be president. 66 million. We can’t trust the numbers from our elections anymore because there is so much corruption, but it is true that tens of millions of American adults would rather this charlatan in the White House than a man who did more for America in his first term than any other president. When the culture and general population become so debased that tens of millions would rather a snake than a man in the White House, it’s difficult to see how the country comes out of it in one piece. Biden will do a lot of damage before he’s done.

  2. I heard this… CH4 is a poison gas that is abundant and trapped in our planet’s crust. It is odorless but slowly seeps up and can cause massive health issues with people on the surface. Fracking is the best method to capture this gas and stop its spread from harming people. The best part is that by capturing this natural gas we can use it for fuel to keep us warm, to make electricity, and to power our industries. Fracking also makes the United States energy independent. A blessing indeed.

  3. Did anyone really think this snake oil man would stick to his word. The oil industry is just the beginning. Today we found out Biden has no plan for COVID-19 after criticizing Trump and telling us he had a plan. He’s an old man. A hold over from the 70/80’s. Never accomplished anything in 40 years, yet got elected president when he’s ready for the old aged home. He made many promises but will deliver on none unlike President Trump. In Less than a week we have seen exactly what kind of president/man Biden is.

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