Germany Placing People Who Break Quarantine Into Detention Centers And Refugee CampsGermany Placing People Who Break Quarantine Into Detention Centers And Refugee Camps

There’s some very disturbing news coming out of Germany with regard to coronavirus lock downs.

People who break quarantine are reportedly being placed in detention centers and even refugee camps.

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of history knows how bad this looks.

The New York Post reports:

German quarantine breakers to be held in refugee camps, detention centers

Germans who repeatedly refuse to quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19 will be held in detention centers — and even under police guard, according to reports.

Officials in the state of Saxony — which is experiencing one of the worst outbreaks in the European nation — have already approved plans to hold quarantine-breakers in a fenced-off section of a refugee camp, the Telegraph said.

Another state, Brandenburg, also plans to use a section of a refugee camp.

In Schleswig-Holstein, repeat offenders will be kept in a special area in a juvenile detention center, the report said, citing Germany’s Welt newspaper.

The state of Baden-Württemberg has two hospitals with rooms to hold the scofflaws, which will be guarded by police, the report said.

The centers are aimed at detaining only those who continue to break lockdown even after being fined, the report said.

This is unreal.

Hasn’t this all gone far enough?

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11 thoughts on “REPORT: Germany Placing People Who Break Quarantine Into Detention Centers And Refugee Camps”
  1. Guys, guys, guys. Guess what. I live in Germany and this is unequivically untrue. As in, False. As in, a lie. Please stop spreading this stuff! This is the reason the right is in such a bad state right now. You have a large section of the party believing in falsities!! Just STOP IT!! @Dadmin – I am going to need a ‘screaming my head off’ emoji!!

    1. You say untrue. I say true until proven otherwise. Still trying for the thumbs down for you. I have never seen a screaming your head off emoji.

    2. They are planning to have a detention center for those who continually break quarantine. It is not happening yet. How would you suggest dealing with those who repeatedly break the law?
      From BILD, a German newspaper. “The Free State of Saxony is planning a state-wide corona facility for “compulsory accommodation” in Dresden. As BILD learned, this is a corona jail for repeated quarantine breakers and refusers.”

      1. So, yeah, I guess the premise of this article may be correct. It is being talked about, hasn’t happened as this story says. At least it will rile up the right a bit more. That’s what the goal is, correct?

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