Shocking Video Shows How The Media Covered Liberal Protesters Storming Capitol In 2018Shocking Video Shows How The Media Covered Liberal Protesters Storming Capitol In 2018

The liberal media is rushing to smear all Trump supporters as “terrorists” after the protests today in DC, but a quick trip down memory lane proves that they felt differently about the Anti-Kavanaugh protesters in 2018.

Yes, when the protesters against Kavanaugh stormed the Capitol during the confirmation hearings, they encouraged the protests and even said they came at “the right time”.

The reporter praised the protest as “by far the largest and most well organized protest against Brett Kavanaugh”.

Watch below (wait for tweet to load):

The double standard in the liberal media is truly disgusting.

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5 thoughts on “Shocking Video Shows How The Media Covered Liberal Protesters Storming Capitol In 2018”
  1. The Democrats praised the protesters in 2018 and now they call the protest in DC yesterday a terrorist attack where were they when this country’s city’s was being burned down and people harass and some shot goes to show that the Democrats and some of the Republicans has a different standard for some. If you don’t bow to them that’s the way that the corrupt communist party does in other countries

  2. The enemy left is scared to death which is why they are going to try and have Pres TRUMP physically removed. Never forget Pelosi’s words about him being dragged out. This was all in the plan. Yet the truth never goes away, and there is a lot of it. For now it is best to organize and prepare for battle as this is certainly where it’s headed. Otherwise it is a simple surrender to CCP.

    1. Clearly the party of slavery and murdering babies is doing the work of the adversary. How else would you explain the absolute nonsense that has been happening. I shall focus from here on out on my relationship with God. I think its best to look out for yourself and leave these democrats to their fate. Either God will have another great awakening in our country or they are doomed.

  3. What do you want; They have their moments of Glory now. They can say whatever they want because Guliver has been taken down by the gnomes and the dwarfs. But wait…. they are not ready…. court still has to look at a lot of things and they will be forced to do so and to open Pandora’s box. This will be the only way for the Patriots to get back on track.

  4. Radio talk show talking about it and the station jip-ed ABC’s coverage. OMG, I had to finally turn off the radio. The tone of voice and inflamatory words were just too much. Lars Larson was covering it just fine. But the lean on the mockingbird ‘news’ was overwhelming.

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