Silver Is The Achilles Heel To The Corrupt Globalist’s Stock Market

Drew from “21: The Podcast” reports from New York City to talk about plans of buying silver and how this could potentially be the way to expose Wall Street corruption.

Alex Jones has been talking about Silver Manipulation forever. Is he crazy or crazy like a fox? Things may not be as they appear on Wall Street and I’m starting to wonder what is TRULY at play here. Could retail investors be on the way to getting REKT? Could this lead to our Bitcoin Boston Tea Party moment?

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4 thoughts on “Silver Is The Achilles Heel To The Corrupt Globalist’s Stock Market”
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  2. Ok. So most of us have no clue how to trade and information today is limited and is rooted in misinformation. Do a piece on how to purchase and your “opinions” on where and how we go about it. Fact checking is extremely hard these days especially to those of us who just got our minds blown wide open with all the recent events. Education is key but reliable sources of information seems impossible.

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