The Narrative Coup. Real News vs. Fake NewsThe Narrative Coup. Real News vs. Fake News

Too much propaganda is merely propaganda. —Wm. T. Vollman, Europe Central

The mainstream media (MSM) has demonstrated how to stop the spread of real news, under cover of stopping the spread of a fake virus. In this perverse phase of our cultural evolution, the simulation is designed to outcompete reality. The beta test for this new generation of societal software was called Event 201, and the official release, Covid-19. The coding templates are known as Lockstep, Agenda 2020, Agenda 2030, and The Great Reset.

The open source software known as free-thinking humanity knows enough to look outside the narrative box the MSM has constructed to capture the entire human race, indeed reality itself. Because we have seen this movie before and we have reached the point of revelation.

Look at your television at night. Watch the ‘stories’ made up of everything fake. It’s all nonsense. All of it. It’s all totally fake. The anchors, the pundits, the ‘experts’ and interviews; fake, fake, fake and FAKE! The stories, the narratives, the ‘science’, the numbers; fake, fake, fake and FAKE! ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the FOXNews Channel; ALL FAKE! You can see it on their faces, and you can hear it in their voice. They don’t believe a damn thing that they’re saying, and you know you’re right! You’re not crazy! –RealStewPeters, Telegram

“All the News That’s Fit to Print” —New York Times motto

The Narrative Coup. Real News vs. Fake News
Lockdowns – The Narrative Coup. Real News vs. Fake News

The BBC in their piece on the above NYT motto mentions a longstanding debate on its exact meaning. At the outset it was “to differentiate the Times from… the yellow press” (BBC) with its “indecencies” and “reckless sensationalism.” Gabriel Snyder, NYT “Public Editor” and a contributing editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, describes the competition, with “their brightly colored and richly illustrated front pages, loud headlines, and heavy coverage of lurid crime, political scandals, and tear-jerking human-interest stories. The style was called ‘yellow journalism.’ Today it’d be called ‘clickbait’ or ‘fake news.’”

Of course, insider Gabriel Snyder fails to note that this 120-year script was flipped by the Trumpian revolution, which branded the MSM itself as the epitome of Fake News.

The Times, nicknamed “The Gray Lady,” was said to stand aloof, with the “intention to report the news impartially” (web). Snyder lets slip the key to this kingdom of truth when he proclaims, “This alignment in outlook of the powers that be and the Times newsroom allowed the Times to set itself above the fray: it could report and leave it to the politicians to fight it out.” That shocking admission “of alignment with the powers that be”—standing above the divide-and-conquer battles the paper reports and fuels—certainly paints a privileged, self-appointed role as arbiter (and unannounced sponsor) of partisan conflict. Or rather, as a mouthpiece for those entities (“powers that be”) who hold themselves above reproach, accountability, or challenge… and now, imperatively beyond discussion in its pages.

It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest. The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them.
Harold Pinter Nobel speech, quoted by Edward Curtin

Thus the meaning of the motto becomes clear. It is not all the news there is to report. It is neither complete nor balanced. The conditional filter “fit” is entirely fit to the ruling directive. One way this has manifested itself is the CIA Mockingbird program which explicitly targeted the Times, among a media spectrum of infiltration and censorship.

CIA Mockingbird program which explicitly targeted the Times, among a media spectrum of infiltration and censorship.

Gabriel Snyder by June of 2020 was already seeing the threat to his crumbling hold on the high ground of Truth, and paints the narrative war in the pandemic context as:

a matter of life and death—of relying on science, facts, and expertise to guide society’s actions or adopting a political program that would junk them altogether. Given what is at stake, it is not enough to present conspiracy theories unchallenged—as, just to cite a single example, an April report on a Texas protest against lockdowns did when it quoted the right-wing internet fabulist Alex Jones’s pronouncement on covid-19 (“America knows it’s a hoax”)—in the hopes that readers will simply conclude on their own that they are beyond the pale. On matters where there is a very right and a very wrong answer—and not competing political talking points—such “both sides” coverage is irresponsible.

Snyder disparages Mark Zuckerberg for the remark “I think that’s kind of a dangerous line to get to in terms of deciding what is true and what isn’t.” Oblivious to the hypocrisy of Zuckerberg doing just that, with his own censorship campaign on Facebook, Snyder’s beef seems to be that Zuckerberg was too wishy-washy in his fake confession. Snyder says the NYT should double down on its championing of the one-and-only truth, and now, in times of greatest need, even become “adversarial.”

Like, even admit, maybe, you’re a Propaganda Rag for the Democrat Party?

Arizona BLM rally in June.  Washington DC in January.
Source: Cari Keleman, twitter

Attempting to play it both ways, Snyder falls flat, larding his language with supposed certitudes: life, death, science, facts, expertise, beyond the pale, very right, very wrong, irresponsible, cynical, misinformation…”

The esteemed editor should review legendaryNew Yorker editor E. B. White’s advice to avoid the word very, as it adds nothing substantial, and instead advertises a weak position. But such is the criteria for that absolute standard of truth, in the same vague and subjective terms claimed by an equally unimaginative political party and class, indeed the global elite itself when speaking directly from its perches in Davos or Brussels or the UN.

In short, what is inherently subjective is claimed to have a definite political meaning. Whichever party wins power—and whichever media buys market share—gets to rebrand subjective as objective (the newly anointed one-and-only Truth) through its own lens.

The Narrative Coup. Real News vs. Fake News
Source: Fox News

Snyder comes to the inevitable conclusion of the totalitarian mindset:

“Perhaps it’s time, as we confront two pandemics—one a virus, the other cynical misinformation peddled mostly for financial gain—that the Times stopped focusing on all the news, and took a stand once more on what is fit to print.”

Does he imagine that the average citizen cannot see the mirror image of his position: that the Times itself has become the chief purveyor of “cynical misinformation peddled mostly for financial gain”?

The result of certitude on either side is that “Right” and “Wrong” becomes “Us” and “Them.” Deniers of the ruling party’s version of truth become “Domestic Terrorists,” enemies of the state. All-out narrative war is declared.

The result of certitude on either side is that “Right” and “Wrong” becomes “Us” and “Them.” Deniers of the ruling party’s version of truth become “Domestic Terrorists,”enemies of the state.
Source: Narrative reframes, telegram

Follow this logic farther, and it ends one way: in genocide. The student of history will recognize the unfolding now of “a dangerous agenda built on a foundation of deception and delusion.”

At this point in 2021 it looks bleak for lovers of liberty, but the fight has just begun.
The coming deadly reckoning of this Fourth Turning will require tremendous courage, guile, personal sacrifice, dreadful alternatives, survival skills, intelligence, strategic thinking, and an audacity to win at all costs. Those still caught in the mindset of voting in good guys to change the outcome are delusional, as the outcome of this past election confirmed voting does not matter.

There are wealthy, powerful, sociopath, globalist oligarchs who constitute the real power in this world and unless they are confronted and defeated, the outcome of this Fourth Turning will result in a dark future for humanity and the final obliteration of our Constitution. There is no way to avoid the coming conflict. Sides must be chosen. You will not be able to sit this one out. They will come for you, whether you like it or not.
—Jim Quinn, Fourth Turning Detonation

That vision might be considered just the darker side of the same big-picture reality being foisted upon the world by the psychopathic elite. The difference is, Quinn is basing his view on evidence before us on every street in the world, indeed trumpeted proudly by that same elite. Whereas their justifications to the public, via their propaganda arms such as the NYT, are constructed from a tapestry of false flags, faked science, and big lies. The result, a narrative coup on reality itself.

In such a world, we cannot even utter the word reality anymore without invoking its political context: the officially sanctioned occupation of Reality itself. Yes, by none other than that supreme guardian of Truth, the New York Times, with a recent op-ed“ exploring the concept of a ‘Reality Czar’ to deal with our ‘Reality Crisis.’” (C.J. Hopkins).

The idea of a coup on reality is not new, after all; it is simply a plagiarism of Orwell’s infamous Ministry of Truth, aiming to rewrite not only the past and the present, but the future. The NYT’s partner in narrative crime, the Wall Street Journal, announces that the fake virus is “here to stay”; and (misnamed) “public health officers” such as BC’s Bonnie Henry are following in lockstep to extend their Orwellian orders “indefinitely.”

The Narrative Coup. Real News vs. Fake News
Source: Kulvinder Kaur MD

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