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Pro-Trump Chat & Gathering. Take a break from the flakes. We know the truth and it is stranger than you think. Read, watch, chat, learn, share at MAGADON! Register now!

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Man, did I get tired of the constant blah, blah, blah of the damn left, liberal bastards. I’m glad I have found a place where we can speak like normal people with none of the crazy leftist $#|+. May god bless your website!

~Bubba Anglewood – happy chatter

Come and have a conversation without all the obnoxious noise. Our Pro-Trump community is well established and snowflakes are are not in the forecast! If you believe in President Donald J Trump and will stand up to back him, join our community at!

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! To hell with all the damn oppression from the leftist run media. It’s time to take America back and you guys are going to be at the front of the call! Thanks for the great protrump social media site! I’m gettin’ back to it!

~JeanQ – happy chatter

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