Trump Murdoch Biden To Take Mental Fitness Challenge?Trump Murdoch Biden To Take Mental Fitness Challenge?

In his post, Trump expressed his incredulity at the sudden interest in his mental state, reminding his followers that he had previously agreed to and “ACED” a mental acuity test. He insinuated that the “Globalists at Fox & the WSJ” are resorting to such tactics due to their inability to promote their preferred candidates successfully. “Well, I hereby challenge Rupert Murdoch & Sons, Biden, WSJ heads, to acuity tests!” Trump declared.

But the former President didn’t stop there. In a subsequent post, he lambasted the current state of the nation, describing the U.S. as a “laughing stock” due to the influx of illegal migrants. He went on to label Joe Biden as a “clown” and questioned who would vote for him, given his perceived inability to string “two sentences together.” Trump painted a bleak picture of the country, touching on issues ranging from inflation and crime to the state of the military and airports.

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