Attorney General William Barr to step down?Attorney General William Barr to step down?

According to a report from the New York Times, Attorney General William Barr may step down before the end of Trump’s first term.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr is weighing whether to step down before President Donald Trump’s term ends next month, the New York Times reported, citing three people familiar with his thinking.

Barr could announce his departure before the end of the year, according to the report. He hasn’t made a final decision, however, and he could stay through Jan. 20, the people told the Times.

It wasn’t clear if Trump’s refusal to concede the election or his anger over Barr’s acknowledgment last week that the Justice Department found no widespread voter fraud influenced the attorney general’s deliberations, the Times said. Trump wouldn’t say if he still had confidence in Barr after his comments on the lack of evidence of voter fraud.

One of the people told the Times that the attorney general had been weighing a departure since before last week and that Trump hadn’t impacted his thinking. Another person told the paper that Barr concluded he completed the work he set out to accomplish at the Justice Department.

Obviously, this is from the New York Times so it very well could be Fake News.

However, there is reason to believe this report is true. The bottom line is that Attorney General William Barr has not done enough to Investigate Voter Fraud in the 2020 election. We have seen widespread irregularities in swing states and the DOJ seems to be asleep at the wheel.

If he won’t do it we need someone who will.

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3 thoughts on “Attorney General William Barr To Step Down?”
    1. ” Another person told the paper that Barr concluded he completed the work he set out to accomplish at the Justice Department.”

      Well we now know what Barr’s job was when he came aboard President Trump’s cabinet. I was always curious because I hated the Bush’s all of them. They are all liars and political animals, go where the winds blow them. Both Bush’s ran on Conservative values and then jerked Left so the media would woo them and make them money. Barr turned out to be another Swamp Rat, and John Durham is just like AG Session’s John Huber. Both prosecutors were touted to clean up the swamp, We now know they are all in the swamp.

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