President of the United States of America - Donald John TrumpPresident of the United States of America - Donald John Trump

President Trump called for Trump supporters to show up to a protest taking place in D.C on January 6th, the day Congress meets to accept the electoral votes from states.

He also touted a report released from White House trade advisor Peter Navarro outlining enough fraud that would give the election back to President Trump.

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I support Trump!

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Calls For D.C Protests On Jan 6th: “Be There, Will Be Wild!””
  1. am convinced that the President’s plan for a “protest” on January 6 is really something else. “Protest” is very likely a code word for “Celebration”. Which would make sense since he also used the word “wild”. Expect a wild celebration of a final win by Trump over the “forces of evil”.

  2. Americans should start to protest now. Let’s not wait for Jan. 6th. Americans have the power to choose and elect our President. NOT election officials nor the judges. The Judicial branch

    of our government have proven to be as corrupt as our elected officials so I wouldn’t trust them to do what is legal within the framework of the US Constitution.

  3. Start taking action. the time for talk and 3d chess is over. I have no desire at my age to be learning Chinese anytime soon, or working for the betterment of the Chinese commie party(in the US they call themselves RATS or RINOS).

  4. Get to DC with President Trump, January 6th. No excuse. This will be the most important rally America has ever produced. Our nation is hanging in the balance. Whatever you have to do, get to DC January 6th. Don’t start thinking of reasons why you can’t. How much does America mean to you? Be there. Our President is asking us emphatically to be with him to support him and America. January 6th!!!

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