President Trump just tweeted out this message:

Is Pennsylvania going to flip to Trump?

Tell us in the comments below…

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I support Trump!

5 thoughts on “Trump: “Big News Coming Out Of Pennsylvania””
  1. WE KNOW! He must do something and do it now. The clock is ticking down. We all know the election was rigged but stop saying it was stolen. It is only stolen if you concede. It is only stolen if they get away with it. The President must act and stop tweeting. We are all well aware of the attempted steal. Now do something. I am so tired of hearing what is coming up. Innuendo about hanging pictures in the White House does nothing to address that it is all worthless unless he wins. He has 2 1/2 weeks left to act. If the President does not enact Martial law, he will lose his base. If all he does is continually tweet about the steal and doesn’t do anything to stop it, he will not win in 2024. He is a great President, the best but if he does not act, he will let the entire nation and the world, down. And there will never be another free election in this country. He is the GD President of the United States. He and only he, has the power to stop this. Do it, damn it. Stop talking about it and get it done!!!

  2. Every week for the last year and a half, we have heard how Barr and Durham were finally going to bring justice. They didn’t. Had they did their job, this election would not have occurred. The same principles of this election fraud are the same masterminds of the Russia Hoax. I don’t expect justice from the president, congress, or the courts. Asking the swamp to assist Mr. Trump is ludicrous. They want him gone, his supporters in jail, and the rest of the country obedient. If we the people don’t act, we all might as well get into the sheep pen.

  3. I’d like to think this will result in some PA people going to jail…..but I know it wont. I also doubt that this will have any effect on a bought and paid for judge (redundancy). I have exactly zero faith in any remaining democracy for our country. The corruption is way out of control and the scum hauling in the money, ie everyone in any position of power in Washingmoney, will team up to keep our money pouring into their pockets. Granted it is not all of them, but 99% is a hard number to overcome. Just pay your ever increaseing taxes and shut up.

  4. The USA is over the cliff. No one in the legal system is going to look at the fraud, no one. This is foregone conclusion proven when the entire election was blown-off by SCOTUS. I know what is going to happen, it isn’t pretty, and printing it will get me banned as I was at GP. As a citizen all we can do is hunker-down and await our fate. Best start praying for a miracle because that’s all you got now.

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