Fired Parler CEO Matze: “I didn’t like the idea of working with Trump”Fired Parler CEO Matze: “I didn’t like the idea of working with Trump”

Boy is it a good thing we got rid of this guy, don’t you think?

How much of a moron can you possibly be?

You did NOT like the idea of President Trump coming to your new social media platform?

Are you an idiot?

Or maybe a Deep State plant?

Whatever the case, this guy apparently has shit-for-brains because he was reportedly against the idea of trying to get President Trump to join Parler.

Take a look:

Here are more details, from Axios:

Ex-Parler CEO John Matze tells “Axios on HBO” that the social media company’s negotiations last summer to bring President Trump onto the Twitter rival were a lose-lose proposition and never got beyond unsigned, non-binding term sheets.

What Matze says: “I didn’t like the idea of working with Trump, because he might have bullied people inside the company to do what he wanted. But I was worried that if we didn’t sign the deal, he might have been vengeful and told his followers to leave Parler.”

Backstory: BuzzFeed News reported Friday that Matze and two Parler advisers met at Mar-a-Lago last June to discuss a deal whereby the Trump organization would receive a 40% stake in Parler in exchange for Trump making Parler his exclusive social media home.

  • Trump himself was not in attendance, but his campaign chief and campaign lawyer were there.

Matze did not mention the Mar-a-Lago meeting when interviewed Thursday by “Axios on HBO,” for an episode airing Sunday. Instead, he said neither he nor other Parler executives had met with Trump or “anyone in the White House” about the former president creating a Parler account.

  • The Buzzfeed story does not contradict that statement, since it references negotiations with Trump “campaign” officials.

During a subsequent phone interview, Matze told Axios the Mar-a-Lago meeting was set up by Jeffrey Wernick, an early Parler investor and its eventual chief operating officer. He says it lasted a few hours and that he didn’t sleep over at the private club in Florida where Trump now lives.

That wasn’t all….

John Matze said he didn’t even vote for Trump in 2020!

Again, from Axios:

John Matze, fired last month as CEO of social media app Parler, tells Axios on HBO that he feels “betrayed” by investor Rebekah Mercer, the heiress daughter of hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

Why it matters: Never before has a social media startup risen so high and fallen so far in such a short period of time.

  • Matze says he first met Rebekah Mercer while doing IT consulting for her father’s firm, and remained in touch.
  • “She seemed very nice … and I don’t judge anybody by the press that I see.”
  • Mercer helped fund Parler in 2018, and she became its controlling shareholder. Matze says she and her people began getting more operationally involved as the site gained traction around the 2020 presidential election.

Early cracks in the partnership began to form last summer, according to Matze, when there was internal disagreement over how Parler should define “violence” in its terms of service. He claims that he wanted a broader definition than what was ultimately adopted, although he publicly supported the TOS in several subsequent interviews.

  • But Matze, whose libertarian leanings seemed to interfere with his ability to be a strong CEO, says the internal conflicts intensified around Jan. 6, as Parler’s popularity peaked and its problematic posts proliferated.
  • In short, he says he wanted more automated moderation than did Mercer’s reps and allies, adding that Parler had added a remedial AI solution just before being kicked off of Amazon’s cloud hosting services.
  • Matze claims he continued advocating for moderation, as a way to get Parler back online, but was met with resistance. It’s a retelling that seems supported by recent public statements by Dan Bongino, the Trump acolyte and Parler shareholder who has criticized Matze for speaking publicly about his firing.
  • Matze, who says he voted for Trump in 2016 but didn’t vote at all in 2020, was fired via email on Jan. 29.

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I support Trump!

One thought on “Ex-Parler CEO John Matze: “I didn’t like the idea of working with Trump””
  1. Well, at least, I am glad he finally told us the truth about his feelings for Trump. He is a brainwashed Democrat who has failed us. I am letting Parler go at this point. If they never come back it won’t matter. Trump and 80 million followers only speak the truth. He says he doesn’t judge people by the ‘press’….that makes him a liar.

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