Is 'Parler' a threat to DEMOCRACY? | Louder With CrowderIs 'Parler' a threat to DEMOCRACY? | Louder With Crowder

In this clip, Steven Crowder discussed “another example of big government bureaucracy always hurting the ‘little guy'” and the “unholy relationship between Big Tech and government.”

Steven debunked MSNBC’s baseless attack against the new free speech social media platform Parler. Follow Steven on Parler:

Steven illustrated his point with a clip from “The Week,” a weekend show on MSNBC hosted by Joshua Johnson. The MSNBC clip began with Johnson slamming Parler — an up-and-coming social media platform — calling it “an alternate reality for conspiracy theorists.”

The jab came on the heels of the massive conservative exodus from social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Steven challenged his liberal-minded viewers to sign up and share a post on Parler and see for themselves that the Facebook/Twitter alternative allows all points of view.

Watch the video to hear what Steven had to say.

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