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    Wow! Lots of new members this week! Let’s hear what you guys think. @keithcox688gmail-com @moutche @wmorrow11 @bc61 @wiredsounds @dakotab @bobbyfourfeet @bwarrior Welcome, everyone. Nice to have you aboard the Trump Train.

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      • Not progressive, not socialist, definately Marxist, whats next communism? This a creepy reality. The rich have gotten richer (not by working either but by stealing from the middle class) making them spend their retirement funds, paying more in taxes, loosing their businesses, taking their childrens minds away from reality, drug addiction’s, paying higher employee wages & taxes, utility & gasoline cost now inflation setting in big. To top it off, how many of the republicans in office have done what they said they were going to do for American Citizens when Obummer was elected knowing that Marxism was the life of that person whom hates the USA. Only the republicans who truely helped the PEOPLES elected leader DJT. The rest are nothing more than McCainesgone cusins. Maybe theres another country to flee to like our ancestors did.

    • Welcome, everyone!

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