“Never Will I Concede,” Trump Tells Glenn Beck The Fight is Not Up“Never Will I Concede,” Trump Tells Glenn Beck The Fight is Not Up

President Donald J. Trump won the 2020 presidential election by a landslide.

Despite this fact, the media, democrats, and some republicans refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Joe Biden and the democrats have stolen this election, and are primed to get away with it.

We cannot give them an inch.

This is our country, and there is no quit in the hearts of true Americans. 

President Trump is a true American.

According to Glenn beck, President Trump told him personally, and in no uncertain terms:

“Never will I concede.”

The Blaze reported the story:

Over the holidays, Glenn Beck spoke with President Donald Trump over the phone, and the president made it clear that he has no intention of conceding the election (even if he has to leave the White House) because he believes — and always will believe — he won the race.

“He said, ‘The fight is not up,’ ” Glenn said of the president. “I mean, the guy is not done fighting. And he said, ‘I will not concede. Never will I concede.'”

Glenn Beck discusses his call with President Trump

The president is not alone in this fight.

Many Americans hear him, and we agree.

President Donald Trump is not fighting for himself.

He’s fighting for America.

President Trump has not changed his tone at all since this all began.

As NPR reported back in November, Trump has maintained that Joe Biden did not win this election, therefore he will not concede.

President Trump this week acknowledged that the transition for President-elect Joe Biden to take office is going ahead. But on Thursday, he made clear he’s in no mood to concede the election, even after the Electoral College formally votes this month.

“It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud,” Trump said, without evidence, complaining that the U.S. election was “like a Third World country.”

Trump has kept a low profile since losing the election to Biden on Nov 3, appearing on camera only a handful of times, and steering clear of reporters’ questions.

But on Thanksgiving, after talking to troops serving overseas, Trump held forth, venturing into the weeds of the allegations that the election was rigged — baseless claims of widespread fraud that courts have repeatedly rejected.

“There’s no way that Biden got 80 million votes,” he said, repeatedly.

The battle for the soul of our country takes place on January 6th.

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I support Trump!

5 thoughts on ““Never Will I Concede,” Trump Tells Glenn Beck The Fight is Not Up”
  1. Congress will try to fizzle out Trump with a 10-day “electoral commission” consisting of 5 senators, 5 Representatives, and 5 Supreme Court judges. If Pence goes along with that, Trump is finished. We do NOT need another Warren Commission (endorsing Lee Harvey Oswald patsy)—the MOUNTAINS OF EVIDENCE are there for all to see the electoral fraud, even the willfully blind Congress. Pence could just reject the ballots in seven swing states and Trump would win, but he lacks the courage. Trump must invoke Insurrection Act, declassify Hammer/Scorecard, seize all the voting machines, arrest traitors (Big Tech, Big Media, etc.), take control of the airwaves to inform the public about the massive fraud, and nullify the election. So far, all he’s doing is Show-And-Tell, smokescreen theatrics so that Pence and Trump can quietly slink away after horribly failing the American people.

  2. Amen! This fight should never end, until we have victory. Trump won in a landslide. If Biden is sworn in, the people need to take up the fight…in the streets…with force….with guns!

    1. This is how it is… if jb is able to somehow get in the minute the Dems try to take the guns they are going to have homegrown grassroots …let’s call them (groups) show the tyrannical government what freedom means. If anyone thinks anyone that didn’t vote for joe has any plans of unity then you my friend are naive lol.

  3. I have prayed that our elected officials will do what’s right and not certify the states in question…..its not only Mike Pence….its the Congress men and women and the Senators as well…..and while i understand each group is out for themselves and what they feel will put the most money and power in their pockets, for once i pray that they do what they were elected to do….to fight for the American people, to fight for THE TRUTH…not their version of it….there WAS election fraud that took place in multiple states, and the elector votes from the states in question should be set aside and the states legislatures should choose who their electors are…while there has ALWAYS been cheating in elections, because we have looked the other way DO MANY TIMES this time there IS NO WAY to deny it….god be with our country as we walk through the storm trying to destroy us….quiet that storm as only you can, be in the hearts and minds of our elected officials, help them see THE TRUTH, help them speak THE TRUTH….and help our country heal from the years of wounds inflicted by evil demons…be with every citizen, only you know their needs, bless them with your spirit, your mercy and your grace…and be will all those who grieve the loss of loved ones, show them your love and your peace….be with us father, and be with our country, now and forever. AMEN

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