President Trump Announces 26 New Christmas Pardons Including Paul Manafort and Roger StonePresident Trump Announces 26 New Christmas Pardons Including Paul Manafort and Roger Stone

President Trump on Wednesday evening asserted his authority and announced 26 new Christmas pardons including ones to Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.

Trump had previously only commuted Stone’s sentence.

Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Paul Manafort was hunted down by Mueller’s goons after he helped President Trump win the 2016 election.

Manafort was sentenced to 7 years in prison for tax evasion and other crimes stemming from his Ukrainian lobbying.

In May of this year Manafort was released to home confinement for the remainder of his sentence.

Crooked and corrupt Manhattan DA Cy Vance announced state charges against Manafort back in March of 2019 just MINUTES after the former Trump campaign chairman was sentenced for the second time on federal charges just in case Trump were to issue Manafort a pardon.

However, a judge last December tossed out New York State charges of mortgage fraud against Paul Manafort because of ‘double jeopardy’ laws.

President Trump on Wednesday also pardoned Jared Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner.

Kushner was previously charged with tax evasion and witness tampering.

20 other people who were pardoned committed various cyber crimes and mail fraud.

On Tuesday President Trump pardoned George Papadopoulos and Dutch, London-based lawyer Alex Van Der Zwaan who also pleaded guilty to making a false statement after being indicted by Mueller.

Papadopoulos was hunted down by the Deep State and Mueller’s goons for the ‘crime’ of working on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

And just like that, Mueller’s 2 year inquisition goes up in flames.

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6 thoughts on “President Trump Announces 26 New Christmas Pardons Including Paul Manafort and Roger Stone”
  1. STOP WATCHIMG THE DAMN MSM ,TURN OFF THE TV ,AND FOLLOW TRUMPS,GENERAL FLYNN,,S, AND WARNUSE TWITTER PAGES,stoop watching tv news they do not tell anybody the truth its propaganda.

  2. We actually watch Dan Bongino, Bannons War room every day including
    Dr Steve Turley,Salty Cracker and InfoWars..Thats about it.
    The only time I watch Fox News is Hannity once in a while.. He’s solid!Our Presidents Buddy.
    So ill say it again Time is Running out and January 5th and 6th are Coming up..We won’t have enough Senators on our side because mo$t are Cowards and Afraid to do the right thing.
    State Legislations are Afraid as well..Some members openly admitted it.

    1. Also. Not one of those men deserved to be in prison anyways. They were just doing there job as they see fit and working hard for our mighty president!

  3. All of the fake investigations against people working for President Trump were a result of a coup which originated with obama. There was NEVER a peaceful transfer of power from obama, and President Trump is absolutely correct in pardoning all those who were politically attacked. Those liberal INVESTIGATORS and PROSECUTORS should be in prision.

  4. I have not seen President Trump exude anything but confidence and assurance.
    To hell with the Fake News.
    Christmas is the traditional time for Presidents (at least Christian ones!) to issue pardons.

  5. All that being said… How could Trump “pardon” Charles Kushner – the mob-boss – for “witness tampering”?? He literally set up his bro in-law with a prostitute, then threatened to release the tape if he didn’t change his testimony!!!

    Most don’t know the “take-down” of Murder-Inc only “took down” the Italian half of it – not the Bolshevik half, which now controls ALL Institutional-Power in “our” (sic – not anymore) Homeland.

    THEY get a homeland with strict immigration enforcement. We become a “resource-extraction zone” for Them.

    It’s Long Past Time to take OUR Homeland Back from the Bolshevik heredity/ethnic-based Supremactist-Cult, folks.

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