President Trump Has A New Slogan! 'Save America'President Trump Has A New Slogan! 'Save America'

We all know Trump’s notable slogans  Make America Great Again and Keep America Great.

While in the White House President Trump always used Make America Great Again or Keep America Great as his letterhead for press releases.

Save America

Well, recently for his endorsement of Sarah Sanders President Trump changed his letterhead to “Save America”.

Take a peek:

Here is his full endorsement letter:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders endorsement letter.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders endorsement letter.

Did you notice it says “President Trump”?

Also, another notable difference is his letterhead omits Pence’s name.

Here’s a look at his former letterhead for 2020:

Trump Pence letterhead
Trump Pence letterhead

Do you like his new slogan?

Let us know how you feel about it, in the comment section.

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I support Trump!

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