Trump Backed Candidate Wins Spot In Special ElectionTrump Backed Candidate Wins Spot In Special Election

Donald Trump continues to hold tremendous weight in the Republican Party, and that was felt in Texas this week.

After an endorsement from the 45th President of the United States, Republican contender for Texas’ Sixth Congressional District Susan Wright has advanced to a runoff election, The New York Times reported.

“Susan and Ron Wright have been so incredible,” Trump said during a tele-town hall. “They had this incredible relationship, and unfortunately Ron passed away, and he is looking down and he is so proud of Susan because this is exactly what he would’ve wanted her to do.”

“Susan Wright will be a terrific Congresswoman (TX-06) for the Great State of Texas. She is the wife of the late Congressman Ron Wright, who has always been supportive of our America First Policies,” he said in a statement. “Susan will be strong on the Border, Crime, Pro-Life, our brave Military and Vets, and will ALWAYS protect your Second Amendment. Early voting is NOW underway—and the Special Election takes place on Saturday, May 1st. Get out and VOTE! Susan has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Wright thanked Trump for his endorsement.

“I’m truly honored to be endorsed by President Trump, and I’m so proud to be the only candidate in this race President Trump trusts to be his ally in our fight to Make America Great Again,” she said.

The other two contenders are fellow Republican state Rep. Jake Ellzey and Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez, who are in a tight race to be her opponent.

Wright’s husband actually won the seat but unexpectedly died in December leaving the seat open for a special election.

With the Democrats having a razor thin majority in the House of Representatives, this election has become very important in the national picture.

Ms. Wright, who was assisted by a last-minute endorsement from former President Donald J. Trump, captured about 19 percent of the vote, far below the 50 percent required to avoid a runoff. It appeared she was headed to another contest with Jake Ellzey, a fellow Republican. Jana Lynne Sanchez, a Democrat, followed closely behind in third place.

The results disappointed Democrats, who had hoped to tap a reservoir of shifting demographics and Hispanic and African-American growth in a district where Mr. Trump won by only three percentage points in November.

Ms. Sanchez, who ran a tight race against Mr. Wright in 2018, held an election gathering at her home in Fort Worth and vowed to keep fighting for progressive values. The Sixth District was once a Democratic stronghold, until Phil Gramm switched party affiliations in 1983, turning the district into a reliable bastion of Republican strength for decades.

Before his death, Ron Wright was one of 17 Republicans who petitioned House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi to remove Rep. Swalwell from committees.

“We write to you today out of concern with Congressman Eric Swalwell’s reported, close contacts with a Chinese Communist Party spy recently reported by Axios,” the letter began. “Because of Rep. Swalwell’s position on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, his close interactions with Chinese intelligence services, however unintentional they may be, are an unacceptable national security risk.”

The letter went on to reference when Pelosi described former Attorney General Jeff Sessions as “not fit to serve” and called for his resignation after the Washington Post reported he had two meetings with the Russian ambassador.

“By your own standards, Congressman Swalwell is unfit to serve on the Intelligence Committee,” they added.

“Obviously, Rep. Swalwell’s interactions with a Chinese spy were more dangerous and unusual than AG Sessions’ meetings with a Russian diplomat,” the letter continued. “But to make matters worse, Rep. Swalwell kept this information to himself while repeatedly using his position on [the Intelligence Committee] to peddle damaging and baseless conspiracies about President Donald Trump’s unproven ties to Russia for years and still refuses to comment fully on the extent and nature of his relationship with the Chinese Communist Party spy exposed in Axios’ bombshell report.”

The signatories went on to urge Pelosi “to immediately remove Rep. Swalwell from his position on the House Intelligence Committee.”

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  1. Little by little, as long as WE the people can make sure the “VOTING” is ‘free and fair” by enacting voter ID laws, HONEST “poll watchers” that make SURE the elections are done BY LAW, we WILL take our country back from the COMMUNISTS that are infiltrating our Constitutional republic, attempting to turn it into a communist-controlled third-world banana republic cesspool, and the citizens into controlled “subjects” of the communist party.

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