14-Foot Tall “Trump Buddha” Statues Are Selling Out in China for $614 USD14-Foot Tall “Trump Buddha” Statues Are Selling Out in China for $614 USD

Remember when Democrats claimed that Donald Trump was ruining our reputation overseas?

Remember when they said that the rest of the world was laughing at Trump?

Especially China?

Then why are 14-foot tall “Trump Buddha” statues selling our all over China?

These aren’t cheap.

They’re going for over $600 USD, which means they are proportionately much more expensive for Chinese people.

The reality is that President Trump was an extremely successful and popular president for both Americans and non-Americans alike.

Trump Buddha 14-Foot Tall Statues

We don’t know about you, but we hope these go on sale in the USA soon!

According to the Daily Caller, the statues were TRENDING in online marketplaces in China:

Statues of former President Donald Trump as Buddha are trending on the popular online Chinese market Taobao, the Global Times reported.

The statues depict Trump with both hands on his lap in the traditional Buddha pose. The product description dons the slogans “Make your company great again,” and “Trump, who knows Buddhism better than anyone,” the Global Times reported.

The seller of the statues took the “Make America Great Again” slogan and the idea of Trump claiming to know more than everybody else and modified it to appeal to the Chinese market, told the Global Times.

Only one hundred of the statues were made, but the supply is dwindling as dozens have already been sold, Global Times reports.

“I bought it for fun and put it on my desk at home as a decoration,” one anonymous consumer in Shanghai told the Global Times.

“Trump can also be regarded as a representative of an era, and extreme egoism. Now the era has passed but I want the statue to remind me: Don’t be too Trump,” he said.

Depending on the size, the statues run anywhere from 999 to 3,999 yuan, or $153 to $614, according to Global Times.

Let’s be real: do you really think anyone would be inspired enough by Joe Biden to make a statue of him?

We doubt it…

And if an artist did make a statue of Joe Biden, who in the world would want to buy it?!

Hint: Dead voters can’t purchase things in real life.

Buddha 14-Foot Tall Statues Are Selling Out in China for $614 USD

Though the statues come in different sizes, the one in highest demand is 14-feet tall!

The Independent has more details on the massive monument to the 45th President:

When one thinks of the teachings of the Buddha – inner peace, acceptance of suffering – the first figure that comes to mind usually isn’t Donald Trump.

And yet, it exists: a porcelain statue of Mr Trump sitting cross-legged like the Enlightened One, available to purchase on the Chinese shopping website Taobao.

“Most people just bought it for fun,” the Trump Buddha’s seller told Global Times, adding that dozens of the statues have already sold.

The statue comes in two sizes, for prices that would make The Donald proud: $153.55 for the 5-foot-tall version, or $614.67 for 14 feet.

A product description on Taobao says Trump Buddha “knows Buddhism better than anyone”, and promises that putting him in your office will “make your company great again”.

One buyer, Li Guoqiang, said he hopes the statue will bring good luck to his Beijing construction firm.

“I thought it was a really comical thing to have in the office,” Li told Insider. “I can’t say I’m a Trump fan, but he looks quite peaceful there, doesn’t he?”

Li said he plans to place the statue in his office’s bathroom.

Even though he is out of office, Trump inspires confidence, peace, and stability.

Compare that to Joe Biden, whose first two months in the White House have been marred by controversy and flailing.

We hope to see President Trump return to the spotlight soon!

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I support Trump!

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