Trump: “Plenty More To Come”Trump: “Plenty More To Come”

President Trump just tweeted support for the GOP Senators

He also said that many more Senators will join after they see the evidence!

Do you think more Republican senators will join?

Tell us in the comments below…

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I support Trump!

3 thoughts on “Trump: “Plenty More To Come””
  1. Trump team’s Big Reveal on January 6th seems doomed to fail, no matter how much evidence they present. Unless Trump has a big surprise, like: (1) Jeffrey Epstein is still alive and ready to expose many corrupt Congressmen and judges, (2) Gina Haspel is trotted out in an ankle security bracelet and confesses to the CIA/Dominion fraud operation. (3) If Trump’s team could prove that Dominion sent the votes overseas to be altered, like Lt. General McInerney has testified on WorldViewReport, then that would amount to TREASON and Trump could put every Senator and Representative on notice that if they vote for the fraudulent Biden slate they will be arrested for treason on January 7th. Somehow it all seems unlikely to go down well. Insurrection Act and martial law the only answer. Arrest all traitors, including in Big Media/Big Tech. Do not let China-puppet Biden enter the White House UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

  2. Any Senator from a red state that opposes Trump and actually backs Biden should have a strong opponent in their primary. Let’s start by running Sarah Palin against the disaster Murkowski.

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