'Morale Is High' as Trump Meets with Lawmakers Preparing To Challenge Biden Electors'Morale Is High' as Trump Meets with Lawmakers Preparing To Challenge Biden Electors

According to a new report from Politico President Trump sent a clear message to GOP Senators who will vote on his impeachment.

He did this through one of his aides.

I want to point out the headline of the article as well:

“Trump sends a message to Senate Republicans ahead of his trial”

From Politico:

A top political aide to former President Donald Trump spent the weekend quietly reassuring Republican senators that the former president has no plans to start a third party — and instead will keep his imprint on the GOP.

The message from Brian Jack, Trump’s former political director at the White House, is the latest sign that Republicans considering an impeachment conviction will do so knowing that Trump may come after them in upcoming primaries if they vote to convict him for “incitement of insurrection.”

Jack did not mention impeachment in his calls. But he wanted the word to get around that Trump is still a Republican — and for many, still the leader of his party.

“The president wanted me to know, as well as a handful of others, that the president is a Republican, he is not starting a third party and that anything he would do politically in the future would be as a Republican,” recounted Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.). “The Republican Party is still overwhelmingly supportive of this president.”

We know why Democrats are pushing for his impeachment.

They know how popular he really is among Americans and are scared he will win in 2024.

Ask yourself this.

If President Trump wasn’t popular and Americans wanted him to be impeached then why would they be so hesitant?

Why would they fear him?

Of course, the truth is that they know the Republican base stands with President Trump.

They stand with his agenda.

They think this impeachment is a sham.

Only 5 Republican senators voted for this impeachment trial.

The other 45 called it “unconstitutional”

Here the 5 GOP Senators who voted with Democrats to not dismiss the impeachment trial.

45 GOP Senators have voted to rule that President Trump’s impeachment trial is unconstitutional.

From Pro-Trump News:

45 Senators voted in favor of Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) motion to declare that the Senate Impeachment Trial was unconstitutional.

This likely means that President Trump will not be convicted:

story and photo source:

By Jr

I support Trump!

One thought on “Trump Sends Message To GOP Senators Ahead Of Impeachment Trial”
  1. Of course this impeachment will fail just like the last. He did nothing to incite any riots and the GOP Senators know this. Those who vote for it are doomed as Republicans.

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