Banking Blockade: Another Bank Just Announced They're Closing Trump's AccountsBanking Blockade: Another Bank Just Announced They're Closing Trump's Accounts

Donald Trump’s political team has officially disavowed “Patriot Party” groups that have started up.

Is this is a mistake? Should Trump have started a third party?

Tell us in the comments below…

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I support Trump!

3 thoughts on “Trump Disowns “Patriot Party” Groups”
  1. What good are Republicans right now anyway? They’re pretty much good for nothing, so what do we have to lose? You can’t start a third party as long as the Republicans have so much embedded power. That’s partly why the Tea Party failed. We’re definitely moving to Socialism with the Republicans we have, so the only way forward is to weaken the Republican Party so that change can be possible. Short term sacrifice for long term gain. We need to lessen the power of our own party to have any chance for a comeback. It doesn’t matter if it comes back as a third party or a truly Conservative Republican party. Bottom line: We can’t get there with this Republican party in place. I can think of three things that might start the change. 1- We need to get as many of us as we can to change our party affiliation to Independent. Maybe that will start to send a message. 2- Stop small donations to any Republican. The big donors will stay because they get something for their money. But the politicians need the little guy’s money, too. Maybe that will send a message. 3. Start recall campaigns against the RINO’s. That’s probably fantasy because of the money and effort it would take, but it would sure send a message. I encourage everyone to do 1 and 2 though.

    1. I understand your point. And you’re right about Trump support. It’s huge. I would join his party in a heartbeat. But I think we’d still run into the same problems we’ve had in the past with primary candidates. The establishment will run their candidate and pour in lots of money to insure they win. They can also bring in money and influence from out of state, and make backroom deals to get support. It seems to me that as long as the establishment has the money and influence they can win the primaries with the candidate of their choice. I think that would be the situation even with Trump at the helm.

  2. The more I think about it, a third party is just going to drain off Republican voters and assure Democratic victories. Not a good idea. I can see why the president ruled against it and I agree.

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