Video: Pastor Sends Mask Police Away With Shame!Video: Pastor Sends Mask Police Away With Shame!

This is how Americans and Canadians need to stand up against those that try to take away our right to worship, and all our other rights

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I support Trump!

3 thoughts on “Must Watch: Pastor Sends Mask Police Away With Shame!”
  1. Wow. I want to go to this guys church. Amazing. I had goosebumps. Especially when he was telling them that Nazis like them are not welcomed at his church. Just WOW!

  2. This is very powerful. I also love him calling them nazis and gestapo. But, he is, unfortunately, operating with false information. Reading too many far right news sources, I would venture to guess. I live in Germany and what he says about us being locked inside and not being able to visit other cities is 100% false. I was in a different city yesterday and will be tomorrow. I DO love his conviction, even though he has wrong “facts.”

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