Watch As Biden Does Complete Flip Flop On China RhetoricWatch As Biden Does Complete Flip Flop On China Rhetoric

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump routinely scolded Beijing Biden for his deleterious and weak positions on China that he correctly said would destroy America. Trump is the only president to properly define the major threat of China.  This is why he hired Peter Navarro to advise him on the matter.

Yet, Biden always dismissed these claims numerous times, despite the evidence.

Biden has spent nearly half a century in government including 8 years as VP.  During those years, he has made numerous flights back and forth to places like China to meet with leaders.  Yet, on the campaign trail he somehow had no idea that China was crushing us for years and would continue to do so if we didn’t properly deal with them.

Trump let him know many times that China has been ‘eating our lunch’ on trade and intellectual property law.  He asserted that it would only get worse under a Biden presidency:

But Biden wasn’t having any of it, stating “China is going to eat our lunch?!  C’mon man!” mocking the president’s claims, despite knowing he was 100% correct.

Now, however, within just a few months of becoming president, Biden has rhetorically done a complete 180 shift.  This week he openly stated that “China is going to eat our lunch!”

What is going on here?

Of course, Biden and China are both being disingenuous here.

Beyond the mind-boggling hypocrisy and doublespeak, both Biden and China are pushing for Marxist globalist green energy initiatives in lockstep.  This is all part of The Great Reset, which seeks to demote America and all Western states while pushing China to the top.  Biden and Chinese President Xi are using this feigned rivalry as an excuse for both countries to dump trillions into terrible tax-forced green infrastructure and regulations under the guise of competition.

In reality, Biden has been in bed with the CCP for years.  He is only admitting this truth insomuch as it furthers his agenda to push carbon taxes and global mandates on energy consumption around the globe.

Of course, Biden and his corporatist green gangster friends will all profit to the tune of trillions in carbon taxes and terrible infrastructure requirements along the way.  This will occur amidst the collapse of your dollar value, a digitization and absolute control of global currencies, and the destruction of vast amounts of small businesses and individualism.

So, grab a drink, watch these ridiculous videos and enjoy a good laugh at your own expense.

They all certainly are.

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