Alex Jones: Joe Biden COVID-19 Martial Law Plan RevealedAlex Jones: Joe Biden COVID-19 Martial Law Plan Revealed

It was never about the election it was always about the Globalist depopulation plan. I thought we had more time but there is no time left. My work here on this web site is nearly done. Soon the boarders will be sealed and no one will escape from this death camp without getting the vaccine.

I can’t tell anyone else what to do but I know what I will try to do. I will liquidated my property as fast as possible and leave the United States before the Bill Gates vaccinations are mandatory for everyone and before the window of escape slams shut. I believe South America offers the best chance of avoiding the vaccines. The globalists are not as focused on depopulation down there as they are in the northern hemisphere.

I have placed numerous links and warnings on this web site in the past three weeks. Read about the contents of the vaccines, the Georgia guide stones, the Rockefeller Lockstep program, the Deagel Forecast, and much more. The Globalist’s puppet politicians are not yet in power and already they are moving forward with the depopulation agenda which was always their ultimate purpose.

The globalists found exactly the right people to do it to us. They will lead you into the gas chamber with a smile and tell you it is to save lives but it is to reduce the earths population and America is ground zero. President Trump has warned us. “they’re not coming for me they’re coming for you, I’m just in their way.” He will not be in their way much longer.

Only days remain to escape their dark plan for America. And when they turn their attention to Russia and begin to pressure the Russian government and threaten the Russian people that will be the end of America. Russia has been invaded numerous times and has never capitulated and they will not give in to a tiny hand full of homicidal trillionaires.

Escape from America is imperative. A small cottage on the edge of a city or town with a water well, some chickens and pigs and a garden is ideal. Fade off the globalist’s radar. Get off the internet don’t use a cell phone. Don’t let them know you exist. That offers the best chance of staying alive. Under no circumstances take Bill Gates vaccine.

This post may be removed. It is dangerous for me to warn people about what is coming. There is no pandemic. Covid 19 is like a bad cold or the flu. This is all a giant psyop, an operation to kill humanity and depopulate the earth. Good luck my American brothers and sisters, try to stay alive. May god help us.

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