Did Biden Get Booed? Bidens Make Creepy Video Appearance at Super Bowl, Tell Americans to Wear Masks and Get VaccinatedDid Biden Get Booed? Bidens Make Creepy Video Appearance at Super Bowl, Tell Americans to Wear Masks and Get Vaccinated

Super Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicked off Sunday at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

According to reports, 22,000 fans attended the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The Bidens barged in and made a creepy video appearance before kickoff to lecture Americans about “social distancing.”

Americans just can’t get on with their lives because the Democrats have to drone on and on about Covid every second of every day.

Joe Biden and his wife Jill made a video message from their Delaware basement bunker that played on the jumbotron – as if people watching football and drinking beer want to hear from Dementia Joe.

“With all our hearts, thank you,” Jill Biden said to the healthcare workers in attendance.

“Let’s remember, we all can do our part to save lives,” Joe Biden said. “Wear masks. Stay socially distance. Get tested.”


It sounded like people were booing Joe Biden as his video message played.

Here’s the Orwellian footage of the Bidens on the jumbotron (no one was paying attention to Biden):

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2 thoughts on “Biden Gets Booed. Bidens Make Creepy Video Appearance at Super Bowl, Tell Americans to Wear Masks and Get Vaccinated”
  1. How is obedience training a positive message?

    The Danish study said there was no statistically significant difference between wearing a mask and not wearing a mask.
    The studies of N95 masks/respirators, which nobody wears because they’re too restrictive, indicate they may block as much as 50% of the virus to which wearers are exposed – making them mostly useless also.
    Both the CDC and the WHO have acknowledged that the Covid test doesn’t work – more false positives than accurate information.
    The CDC put us into epidemic mode at 6% Covid death rate.
    During the last week of June 2020, the CDC announced that the Covid death rate had dropped to 5.9%, which should have taken us out of epidemic.
    Indiana’s current Covid death rate is 1.60%. It hasn’t gone above 1.62% in months.
    The CDC is basing keeping us in pandemic mode on the tests they admitted are useless.
    While the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a bad thing, it has a 98+% recovery rate.

    What we have now is an exercise in blind obedience. Those pushing it are, to be blunt, totalitarians. This hasn’t been about saving lives since last July (at best). His Fraudulency Gropey Joe, possibly the most corrupt politician in Congressional history, isn’t engaged in a noble pursuit to save lives. His message is OBEY, because FEAR. His owners, the Chinese, like that in their subjects.

  2. So, did they ignore him or did they boo him? Lol. Plus, I didn’t hear any booing on this video. You must have been watching a different video or something?

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