Tulsi Gabbard Questions Biden: “Have You Declared Martial Law?”Tulsi Gabbard Questions Biden: “Have You Declared Martial Law?”

Former Dem Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard questioned President Joe Biden.

She asked him if he has declared martial law.

Many National Guard troops are staying in D.C until at least after Trump’s impeachment trial:

Tulsi is correct.

It is unbelievable what the left is allowed to get away with.

Who remembers when left-wing riots ravaged the country using the National Guard was considered racist and fascist by the Democrats and the Mainstream Media?

Now, Biden is allowed to do it with no pushback.

All Conservatives want to make sure our country is safe.

All Conservatives want to make sure Joe Biden and all members of Congress are safe.

However, as Waters points out you would think that having actual intelligence would be a prerequisite to a deployment like this.

First, it was just supposed to be for the inauguration.

Now, it is also going to be for Trump’s impeachment trial.

Let’s hope our troops are sent back to their homes soon.

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3 thoughts on “Gabbard Questions Biden: “Have You Declared Martial Law?””
  1. The 100% unnecessary military intervention is completely WRONG. We should just let every member be responsible for their own protection. Then they will really know how we, the people, feel. It would be great to see AOC, among others, in the spotlight cowering in fear. If troops are proper for Washington DC, they are proper for Seattle, too.

  2. Agreed. There seems to be a lot of one-way-streeting going on here. This would totally have been the ‘wrong thing to do’ if it was for a BLM ‘protest.’

  3. It really does give one the impression of martial law, doesn’t it? Why do they think they need so much security since it is all over now.? No one is going there to cause any trouble. We all know antifa will just show up and cause trouble to make us look bad. Again.

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