246 Fully Vaccinated MI Residents Diagnosed With COVID…3 DIED, State Leads Nation In New COVID Cases Per Population, As Gov Whitmer’s Irrational Lockdown Proves To Be Epic Fail246 Fully Vaccinated MI Residents Diagnosed With COVID…3 DIED, State Leads Nation In New COVID Cases Per Population, As Gov Whitmer’s Irrational Lockdown Proves To Be Epic Fail

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The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is the public health institute in Germany.

Von Peter Haisenko -3. Januar 2022

PRELIMINARY NOTE - important note from the editorial team from January 4, 2021:

The data linked in the following article corresponded to the original publication status of the RKI in its weekly report dated December 30, 2021. On January 3, 2022, this was changed by the RKI without giving reasons: On page 14 of the report there are suddenly (for the same report as of December 30, 2021) 1,097 unvaccinated cases among the reported Omikron cases - instead of the previous 186 unvaccinated cases . Apparently, the RKI recognized the explosives that were in the data initially reported. Should the miraculously "corrected" (or falsified?) Data be correct, the basis of the risk profile presented in the article and its headline is of course no longer applicable. Nevertheless, the new data also show that unvaccinated people are still better off than vaccinated and even “boosted” people, even if not in the ratio originally assumed.

The latest data from the RKI confirm what Moderna reported a week ago: people who have been vaccinated twice are less protected against Omikron than those who have not been vaccinated. According to data from the RKI, the likelihood of becoming “Omicron-positive” is at least six times higher for those who have been vaccinated than for those who have not been vaccinated. The first people entering from South Africa who brought the Omikron variant to Germany were all vaccinated and even boosted. That was somehow logical - because only vaccinated people can travel. The figures in Germany now show, however, that this was no coincidence.

However, it should first be noted that the hype about Omikron is exaggerated. It may be more contagious; but reports from all over the world that "Omicron courses" are rather mild and lead to 80 percent fewer hospitalizations. The alarmism observed is therefore inappropriate. The new numbers from the RKI, on the other hand, should raise all alarm bells. Regarding the weekly report of December 30th, 2021, the RKI announced: “Additional information is known to some of the Omikron cases in the reporting system. Information on the symptoms was provided for 6,788 cases; mostly no symptoms or mild symptoms were reported. (…) 124 patients were hospitalized. (…) 186 patients were unvaccinated, 4,020 were fully vaccinated, of these 1,137 a booster vaccination was reported. "

The first thing that strikes you is that the figures are once again inconsistent: although 6,788 cases are given, the vaccination status is only given for 4,206 (4,020 + 186). It remains to be seen whether the 6,788 cases are confirmed, which have been identified by gene sequencing, or whether some are only suspected cases. If you look at the report from December 24th, 2021, the suspicion that suspicious cases were counted is confirmed. In this previous week’s report it was confirmed that on December 21, 2021 there were only 441 cases that were identified by gene sequencing, and 1,438 cases were only suspected. Apart from the fact that such a “hype” was hardly appropriate in 441 cases, it is still not appropriate in 4,206 cases.

Again incoherent numbers

But let’s stick with the 4,206 cases that can be assumed to be certain for Omikron. About 30 percent of the population are not vaccinated. This accounts for 186 cases out of 4,206. That means: Less than five percent of Omikron cases are unvaccinated. If the risk of catching Omikron were evenly distributed between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, around 1,200 cases would have to be attributable to the unvaccinated. But there are fewer than 200, and so a first rough calculation shows that the risk for vaccinated and boosted people is six times higher to become “Omicron-positive”. If you go even deeper into this calculation, this factor is even closer to eight times. If you read it correctly, the RKI report says this: As a vaccinated and boosted person, you have an eight times higher risk of becoming “Omicron-positive”. Anyone who has read my article on December 20, 2021 on the subject will not be surprised.

Nevertheless, it is surprising how blatant the “vaccination” has on immune behavior. While the report from Moderna only mentioned that Omikron could “lead to an increased risk of Covid disease for vaccinated people”, the RKI figures now even show a shockingly high risk – not even just the risk , but rather the fact that the vaccinated were eight times more likely to catch Omikron than the unvaccinated.

But that’s not all: The RKI figures also refute the claim (not only) made by Moderna that a booster vaccination would significantly reduce the risk of omicons, because 1,137 of the 4,020 vaccinated Omicron cases are reported with a booster syringe. After it is claimed that around 30 percent were boosted (roughly as many as are currently uninjected), the risk of becoming “omicron-positive” is exactly six times higher for those who have been boosted than for those who have not been vaccinated (1,137 divided by 186).

Corona syringes do more harm than good

As I said, these numbers don’t come from anywhere; it is the official information from the RKI. Karl Lauterbach should also know this and everyone who is involved in the government issue. On the basis of this data, how can one still discuss compulsory vaccination or continue to force people to have a “booster vaccination”? With these figures, it is irrefutably certain that the corona syringes do more harm than good – and you don’t even have to talk about vaccination damage or even deaths. It also confirms what the independent experts said from the start. The corona syringes damage the natural immune system. How else could one interpret the RKI numbers?

Even Christian Drosten has now confirmed that Omikron is generally safer: The chief virologist at the Berlin Charité in Berlin wrote on Twitter on December 22nd, 2021: “Groundbreaking study by Neil Ferguson on Omikron – unvaccinated people infected with Omikron vs. Delta have approx 24% less risk of Krh ingestion. Omikron is therefore somewhat weaker than Delta. Something. The difference in severe courses is still unclear. ” This tweet is vague – probably on purpose. It only says something about the fact that Omikron is less dangerous for unvaccinated people than the Delta variant. What it looks like for the vaccinated is completely absent. But on December 22nd, Drosten did not have the latest RKI figures either.

After all, he finally admits that Omicron is not as dangerous as we are constantly scared of. Of course, he does not commit himself to the fact that the courses in unvaccinated people could be any less severe; that is “unclear” – and it must be and remain so, because there can be no scientific proof which measure could guarantee a milder course. There are simply too many parameters to consider for that. Such a statement could only be tenable for the use of ivermectin.

Vaccinations against Corona must be stopped

So we are now at the point where the RKI itself has to confirm that the corona syringes have a negative effect on the infection process. One has to assume that this has long been known to those responsible. Why else are they so keen to bring the unvaccinated control group to zero as much as possible through progressive vaccination requirements? But now it has caught them off guard, because the official statistics have to identify this control group and the result is devastating. Unvaccinated people are less at risk than vaccinated people. At least as far as the omicron mutation is concerned.

At this point at the latest, the “vaccinations” must therefore be stopped immediately. It cannot be the case that one continues to force people to do something that has been proven to even increase the risk of infection (and even if this only applies to the only virus variant that will soon dominate!). Either way: Anyone who harms people’s natural defenses is committing a crime. In particular, if the evidence has long been provided and made public.

In addition, the cited benefits of corona syringes are more and more proving to be untenable. These syringes do not protect anyone from… nothing. Not even the promised “freedom” bring them and the intensive care units are full of vaccinated people. Not only because of Corona, but also because of the progressive vaccination damage. There has never been a “vaccination” that has caused so much vaccine damage – up to and including death thousands of times.

The anger of the vaccinated threatens

So anyone who, according to these RKI figures, continues to propagate corona injections, or even thinks about compulsory vaccination, is guilty of the most serious crimes; at least deliberate damage to the body’s immune system, if not aiding and abetting deadly “treatments” of which all “vaccinators” are guilty.

And no: I am not saying that Corona cannot cause severe courses, up to death. But if you multiply the risk of becoming “Omicron-positive” with the corona syringes intended to protect against infection, then you also increase the risk of dying from it. It is rumored everywhere that this should be the case, and that is precisely why the corona syringes are no longer allowed to be administered. After the most recent RKI publication, nobody can argue that there is no sufficient data base.

Finally, greetings to Lauterbach, Söder & Co .: If the great fraud with the Covid syringes has reached the general public, you do not have to fear the unvaccinated. They will just be glad that the circus has come to an end and that they have stood firm. The extent of the anger of the vaccinated is unlikely to be foreseeable. After all, it is they who have to live with a damaged immune system – and the constant fear of the long-term damage they could face. The vaccinated will be the ones you may fear.

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