Is This The Path To a 100M Donald Trump Landslide Win?Is This The Path To a 100M Donald Trump Landslide Win?

I read this amazing post on another site today, and I had to share it with you.

Obviously, no one knows for sure if this is how things will play out.

But I thought it made a whole lot of sense and it really encouraged me, so I wanted to share it with you!

Sound fair?

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Please enjoy:

Is This The Path To a 100M Donald Trump Landslide Win?
Is This The Path To a 100M Donald Trump Landslide Win?
Is This The Path To a 100M Donald Trump Landslide Win?
Is This The Path To a 100M Donald Trump Landslide Win?

And if you’re having trouble reading that, here is the full text:

Excellent post on the importance of logic. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT’S HAPPENING.

The key question here is this one:

>Why is congress trying so hard to make sure Trump can not run again, knowing that they now can rig any election with impunity?

Put another way: they just stole an election and seemingly got away with it. Why try so hard to prevent him from running next time if they can just steal it again? Why are they so worried? Did anyone see Nancy’s meltdown yesterday? Why are they PANICKING? Do people who are in control panic? Everyone knew that he would be acquitted. Democrats and MSM openly said so. Everyone knew they didn’t have the votes. So why the PANIC?

1) Because his defense was actually an offense. He exposed their lies. He systematically eviscerated almost every falsehood surrounding the 1/6 events.

What they fear the most, beyond anything else, is an awakened public. And without a doubt POTUS’s lawyers woke up a lot of people the past couple of days. THAT’S what they’re mad about. LOSING CONTROL OF THE NARRATIVE.

and 2) Because now that he’s been acquitted, 80 million people (and counting, because more and more people wake up every day!) have every right to view President Trump as the real President and Biden as an illegitimate president. ***They’re not worried about 2024. They’re worried about the rightful President taking back the White House before then. A successful impeachment would have made that legally impossible. *** That’s why they’re keeping troops in DC for another 6+ months. What’s going to happen in the next few months?

When Obama was president, the American public did not pay attention to politics. No one saw his subversion and America Last policies. What’s different now? Once you’ve spent every second of the last 4 years paying attention to politics and the current administration’s policies, are you going to stop? The whole world is watching now.

-Biden is going to continue to fuck up and betray the American people. He is going to continue to make people’s lives worse and that will not only wake them up but piss them off.
-President Trump is going to continue fighting for the American people. He is going to use his platform to fight for election integrity and put a lot of attention on everything Biden does to sell out this country.

Can the media stop focusing on Trump’s every move when he’s the only reason they are still financially solvent? Is TDS easily cured? No. They’re going to help us by publicizing everything Trump says and does and we’re going to get a massive show-and-tell, compare-and-contrast presentation in plain view. What will that accomplish? More and more people wake up.

No one knows how bad things have to get for us to reach the precipice. But there’s a reason Q says “Nothing can stop what’s coming”

– because no matter where we are now, the end result (the American public, awake and aware and unified) is an INEVITABLE outcome. They can delay it but they *cannot* stop it. Everything they do backfires. Too many dominos have fallen. The rest *WILL INEVITABLY* fall. Especially because we have so many cards still left to play.

-Durham is still in play.
-NSA still has it all. All it takes is one accidental release (Q576).
-There is no statute of limitations on election fraud. There are a few cases that may be up for hearing in the Supreme Court soon.
-There are at least 2, possibly more, Dominion lawsuits against Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell that will allow us to introduce evidence legally and once again destroy their narrative.

This process can arguably drag on until 2024 but their whole evil scheme to take control of our Republic can also arguably collapse at any point until then, throwing us into a constitutional crisis where the election results legally have to be overturned. Who has a DUTY to take over at that point? The military? Isn’t everything set up perfectly for that outcome? What if, to ensure that the brainwashed don’t revolt, we get another chance? Another election, this time with safeguards – paper ballots, signature verification, no mail-in ballots, VOTER ID? Can anyone deny a 100 million+ landslide?

No matter how we get there, the end result is guaranteed. We’ve long passed the point of no return. All we need to do is keep holding the line, keep exposing the lies, keep supporting our President, keep waking up our fellow Americans and keep praying. This sham of an impeachment trial, like everything else, was actually a miracle for us.

Regardless of what happens, one theme keeps recurring: what was meant for evil, God uses for good. GAME OVER, GOD WINS and in truth, God has ALREADY WON.

Do you agree?

Think that makes sense?

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