New Patriot Party Officially Filed With The FEC!New Patriot Party Officially Filed With The FEC!

Yesterday I told you about rumors that President Trump was looking to form the Patriot Party.

Today those rumors appear to be hard news.

Before we get into that, I want to reiterate my comments from yesterday….

And I STILL stand firm on the belief that the waters of the Red Sea will part and we will see a miracle bringing President Trump rightfully back into office….now, not later.

So when I talk about the Patriot Party, I’m talking about right now.

And perhaps after President Trump retakes office for a second term?

Now here’s the latest:

I’ve confirmed the filing is correct by going direct to the FEC website here:

Here’s a screenshot showing the filing:

New Patriot Party Officially Filed With The FEC!
New Patriot Party Officially Filed With The FEC!

Some reports say President Trump is looking to use the Patriot Party to unseat RINO Republicans.

And I couldn’t be happier!

Take a look:

Here’s more, from OANN:

President Trump appears to be keeping politics on the horizon with talks of forming his own political party.

On Tuesday, reports said the President discussed forming a so-called “Patriot party” with some of his top aides and supporters. Traditionally, third parties have failed to gain steam in challenging both the Democrat and Republican parties. However, due to his large base of supporters and the record number of people who voted for him in 2020, many believe President Trump has what it takes to carry on the movement.

According to Politico, he spent days calling his close advisors to ask what he needs to do to “stay part of the conversation.” In his ‘farewell address,’ the President hinted at his future political career by saying the ‘MAGA movement’ is only just beginning.

“As I conclude my term as the 45th President of the United States, I stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together,” President Trump stated. “We did what we came here to do and so much more.”

The idea also came into play as some Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, broke with the President and placed blame on him for the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

However, recent polls showed the President still has strong support among voters and the GOP. While President Trump has not officially commented on the idea — and it remains unclear if and when the plan would come together — some have voiced concern the new party would draw voters away from the Republican party.

Nonetheless, President Trump remains committed to the American people.

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By Jr

I support Trump!

6 thoughts on “New Patriot Party Officially Filed With The FEC!”
  1. It is about time a new party was formed representing the 80 Million people that voted for Trump. Including Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Undeclared Voters. We are losing our country and it is time to take it back. I Look forward to televised Impeachment hearings in the Senate on main stream media. All should be exposed, and the Treasonous RHINOS and DEMOCRATS should be hauled off to prison. The 2020 election and the past 4 years of attacks have been disgusting. Mitch McConnell is a communist along with other RHINOS, like Mitt Romney. Nancy Pelosi and her crew of scum have to go. Proud to be part of this!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget to follow on Rumble-X22 Reports

  2. Since we are now under a form of Martial Law, via the Insurrection Act, and the military is obliged to defend the nation from its enemies, foreign and domestic; and it is clear by now that the U.S.A. was hijacked in 1871 by an international consortium of bankers and turned into a corporation, which has now been dissolved behind the scenes by the Good Guys; all that needs to happen is that the military arrest all those involved in both the corrupt elections of Nov. 3 and the crimes delineated under the thousands of sealed indictments that have been quietly and systematically developed over the past few years, and preside over clean elections, characterized by the use of a system called the Quantum Voting System (QVS), which eliminates all corruption in the process. And the main person to run in those elections for the presidency will be none other than Donald J. Trump, reclaiming his rightful place at the head, now, of the Restored Republic of the U.S.A. Rightful, because all of the evidence of massive voter and electoral fraud in the Nov. 2020 elections will be unveiled, in military courts – our civilian courts having proven themselves to be part of the problem – and his overwhelming victory in that election be revealed. So, actual political parties will not be necessary anyway. With both the Democrat AND Republican Parties needing to be fined and dissolved for myriad crimes, we will elect people based on their individual merits from now on. As was the way such political things were at the beginning of this Republic. For things now, both in this country and the world, to be SET TO RIGHTS. Under a cleaned-up monetary and financial system, with a return to sound money, and under the auspices of advanced technology, matching our development, as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’. Stay tuned.

  3. For Midterm strategy this may seem OK. However for presidential elections in 1992, 1912 and 1860 splitting a party was disastrous for both the parent and the sibling because the unsplit opposing party won the election. the cure for to address now is to help split the democrats into socialist and centrist factions. the only question is are all Americans disgusted with the performance of both parties enough to do this. i suspect that the socialist and RINO remants will both disappear in a few more election cycles.

  4. I just read a letter online that was from the laptop of Pelosi which was taken in the capital riot. It basically told the governor to ignore what was going on, defend the rioters, and blame Trump then in parenthesis it said (the media is good they will back us up) Marxist tactics that are always used by the left.

  5. I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be a Democrat . . . not like one of the crazies you see in the House or on TV . . . but an ordinary, Garden Variety Democrat who is at the center, or maybe slightly right of center . . . there are probably millions of them who mounted the Democrat Donkey generations ago; only to wake up in 2021 to find that the Jackass they are riding just jumped off a 5,000 foot cliff . . . no matter how much they may scream, “WHOA”, that Jackass is gonna hit the Communist Rocks below . . .

    Republicans have little chance of winning over alienated Democrats . . . That is why I believe that a properly formed and Hijack Proof Patriot Party could attract a much wider spectrum of Patriotic Americans . .

  6. Nope, it’s time for a third party that pulls from Republicans, Dems, and Independents, we’ll be big enough to challenge right or left and be big enough almost instantly to take at least the swing vote caucus in Congress in 2022 elections. The two party system will never work again, it’s too hidebound.

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