Why Are There 25,000 Troops In Washington D.C. Right Now?Why Are There 25,000 Troops In Washington D.C. Right Now?

Reports coming out of Washington D.C. show that there is a massive troop presence in the capitol right now.

The bigger the military presence, the greater the tyrant. 

Only criminals need the armed protection of 25,000 men to conduct a fake parade. A man of the people would never need this many armed guards. 

This is definitely raising some questions in my mind though……

Why do you need that many troops to conduct some sort of virtual parade? There won’t be anyone there…..

I understand having some troops there, but 25,000 men? What’s REALLY going on here? 

Here are the latest reports:  

100 Percent Fed Up had more on the story: 

The Pentagon is putting 20,000 National Guard on the streets of D.C. in the wake of the assault on the U.S. Capitol to support the Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. Capitol Police for the inauguration on Jan. 20 of President-elect Joe Biden.

That is in addition to the more than 6,000 officers who are part of the U.S. Capitol Police and who are officers with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

The more than 25,000 members of law enforcement personnel that are being deployed is five times the number of United States military deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser’s request from President Donald Trump for an emergency declaration ahead of the inauguration comes at the same time the Department of Defense said it would comply by Friday with Trump’s orders to draw down troops to 2,500 in each country.

Breitbart had more details: 

As Breitbart News reported, the DOD is meeting Trump’s January 15 deadline to draw down the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to 2,500 in each country, according to the Pentagon. About 900 US troops will remain in Syria, multiple defense officials said.

Politico reported on the military buildup in the nation’s capital:

Law enforcement and defense officials have been scrambling to respond to the enhanced security concerns surrounding next week’s presidential inauguration in light of the Jan. 6 riot that took over the U.S. Capitol and left a number of people dead or injured.

story and photo source:

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I support Trump!

6 thoughts on “Why Are There 25,000 Troops In Washington D.C. Right Now?”
  1. Sydney Powell is a military lawyer so she will preside over the tribunals or at least will be instrumental there and I love her. She is leading the charge for Trump. No matter what anyone says otherwise. She is also the one who defended Gen. Mike Flynn against his entrapment by the obama administration. Flynn was recently pardoned by Trump. It was Gen. Flynn that told Trump that he was being spied on by Obama. Lin Wood is Sydney Powell’s lawyer now because the Dominion scammers who controlled the voting machines are suing her for exposing them. Lin Wood is a courageous lawyer and patriot who has since outed Justice Roberts for being on the flight logs to Epstein Island which explains his voting liberal and reported that Roberts was screaming out his hate for Trump behind closed doors. Also Lin Wood outed Mike Pence for being against Trump and just out for himself. For Pence’s alignment with Paul Ryan (the traitor) and secret emails. There are also many videos by a Tory Smith – you need to listen. Tory was killed for telling about what he knew but he went out a hero, standing up against pedophilia and murder of the innocent. God bless America. Pray for our President, we voted for him in overwhelming numbers because we know he loves us and is just the one to save our Country but he also needs us now, so pray! Stand up and don’t back down. Get prepared. This time it is going to come down on their heads. God bless us all. Get prepared for the long haul, prepare for anything and everything. Our President and our Country needs us. If God be for us, who can stand against us? Romans 8:31 KJV Trump3000
    King James Version
    31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

  2. I am with you. Stand with your head held high. This had to happen. We have the leader God sent to take us through this, President Trump. Get ready, stock up as much as you can, prepare. It is our time. January 20 will be too late if you have done nothing to prepare. Most will be caught unawares. This is a spiritual experience, a war is on for your soul, although you may not know it. God is with those who are with Him. Pray for your president, he is risking all for us to do this great work. Unite! Pray, get ready. Trust in the Lord with all your heart ~ We are in this to win this and we will. WWG1WGA Trump3000+

  3. The answer is they need people to attend the inauguration and they can’t beat Trumps numbers on an average Wednesday. We the people will not go where we are not respected. That would be the inauguration of an illegitimate President.

  4. the Left is frightened to death of armed citizens. With them and also members of the right stealing an election , handing off to a CCP underpinning of total control, the 1A already under solid attack, due process not made available to a POTUS, next step WILL be the 2A. Once this is out of the way the extermination can proceed. If you don’t think we are in a similar pre-Hitleresque period you’ve been smoking crack with Hunter. The chances for the troops to be some sort of saving the day from the CCP idea is lunacy.

  5. Dems are trying to create a fear of violence or at least a perception of violence to explain the paltry crowd of attendees at the inauguration. Otherwise the only attendees would be crooked politicians with their IOUs in hand and celebrities trying to remain relevant.

  6. Q is China. They told those poor saps to go into the capital with zip ties to arrest Congress. There was no one in chambers when they showed up other than Pence’s security detail – and Ashli Babbit following what Q said would be a patriotic day was killed. Don’t listen to Q. Q wanted all the capitals to be hit with armed protests at governors mansions. DON’T FALL FOR IT! ITS A TRAP to remove the second amendment.

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