America’s Frontline Doctors Call on the Government and the Commercial Airline Industry to Abandon Requiring COVID-19 VaccinesAmerica’s Frontline Doctors Call on the Government and the Commercial Airline Industry to Abandon Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines

America’s Frontline Doctors are call on the Government and the Commercial Airline Industry to Abandon Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines

America’s Frontline Doctors are asking governmental agencies and commercial airlines to abandon requiring COVID vaccines.  Americans deserve the freedom to work and travel without government requirements that impair these rights.

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America’s courageous group of frontline doctors are still standing up for Americans’ freedoms.  Today they came out with recommendations for air travel.  The group shared:

Air travel contributes to the economic lifeblood of the United States. According to the US Travel Association trade group, direct spending by resident and international travelers here averaged $3.1 BILLION A DAY in 2019. Without the revenue stream generated by air travel, American taxpayers would each pay nearly $1,400 more in taxes every year. Reviving the travel and leisure industries therefore is a top priority for policymakers. Unsurprisingly, revenues have plummeted as a result of COVID-19, with losses topping $35 billion by at least one estimate and air travel down 70 percent from pre-pandemic levels.

Requiring so-called “vaccine passports,” “digital IDs,” and other travel mandates for domestic air passengers and crews in the post-COVID era would raise costs on this struggling industry and impose severe restrictions on the constitutional rights of all Americans.

Air travel has not proven to be a significant vector for COVID-19. As of late February, cases are down 77%. An estimated 55% to 66% of Americans already have natural immunity, significantly lowering if not obviating the need for vaccination of the general population to eradicate the virus’s transmissibility let alone imposing unprecedented travel restrictions.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) calls on government and the commercial airline industry to abandon requiring COVID-19 vaccines, currently investigational only by the FDA, and test documentation for passengers and crews. Mandates represent a radical departure from decades of public health guidelines and established medical ethics. In addition, they would be incredibly divisive for pilots, passengers, and crews and present an unnecessary intrusion into the personal privacy and freedom of movement for millions of Americans.

Doctors call on Government and Airlines to abandon COVID-19 Vaccine requirement

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Yesterday the Canadian Health Director announced that she was working with European countries in efforts to mandate individuals taking vaccines before flying:

Canadian Health Minister: We’re Certainly Working on the Idea of Vaccine Passports with our G7 Partners (VIDEO)

Many Americans are leery of COVID vaccines and certainly would rather have their freedom than be forced to take a shot to be eligible to travel internationally.

The American Frontline Doctors are correct.  Americans’ rights to work and travel should not be infringed upon by forcing Americans to take a vaccine they do not want to take.  Americans choose freedom over tyranny.

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3 thoughts on “Doctors call on Government and Airlines to abandon COVID-19 Vaccine requirement”
  1. If these vaccination passports are required, I hope a lot of people are restricted. Everyone I care about, anyway. We will start seeing some adverse side effects soon, I think.

  2. Nobody needs this vaccine, and you haven’t seen the worst of the side effects yet – they will likely hit in force during next cold and flu season. People are going deaf and blind, women are miscarrying (and, by the way, this was only approved for adults over 18 who are NOT pregnant. Hasn’t been tested in children and pregnancy. The elderly would be far better off with vitamin D supplementation (which decreased the death rate by 80% in that group in an area of Spain where they did this). The way in which vaccinations work are not suitable for the ailing immune response of the elderly. Prior to this, they had never been tested in the over 70s – they are unlikely to be very effective in that age group, and this is well known.

  3. Just hold out on the shot as long as you can. When the side effects make themselves known, they will lay off pressuring everyone to get it and the passport will go away.

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