Florida’s Badass Governor DeSantis Throws Down The Gauntlet On Big Tech Over Censorship Of Political CandidatesFlorida’s Badass Governor DeSantis Throws Down The Gauntlet On Big Tech Over Censorship Of Political Candidates

MUST WATCH – Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis BLASTED big tech, on Tuesday, condemning their abusing powers including censorship, de-platforming, and election interference.

The state’s Republican leaders plan to propose legislation that, if passed, seeks to protect Floridians’ privacy rights and penalize Silicon Valley giants for taking actions against political opponents and citizens through shadowbanning, algorithm manipulation, and capitalizing on anti-conservative bias.

“Big Tech has long since abdicated the protection of consumers for the pursuit of profit,” DeSantis said in a press conference at the Florida state Capitol on Tuesday. “We can’t allow Floridians’ privacy to be violated, their voices and even their livelihoods diminished, and their elections interfered with.”


This proposal includes imposing a daily…yes DAILY… $100,000 fine on any tech company that chooses to de-platform a candidate running for office in Florida during an election cycle.

This pushback from DeSantis and GOP members in the Florida legislature comes after frustrations about widespread biased censorship by Big Tech in the last four years.

It also would ensure that leftist tech giants record their promotions of certain candidates as campaign contributions with the Florida Elections Commission, a punishment DeSantis said fits the crime.

“Any Floridian can deplatform any candidate they choose — you simply unsubscribe — and it’s a right that I believe belongs with the citizen,” he said. “The message is loud and clear: When it comes to elections in Florida, Big Tech should stay out of it.”

The power abuse exercised by almost all of these companies, which maintain web hosting sites, payment processing programs, emailing, and texting, DeSantis said, is not only harmful but showcases their inconsistencies in choosing which information is communicated to the public.

“You can whiz on my leg, but don’t tell me it’s raining. … They are not principled in this,” the governor continued. “They have so much garbage and filth on that platform all the time. They did not censor people when they were using those platforms for the rioting that occurred over the summer, so their excuse doesn’t hold water. … Today, they may come after someone that thinks like me. Tomorrow, they may come after someone that thinks like you.”

These tech overlords, DeSantis said, should NOT be allowed to “referee” Americans’ ability to share opinions and engage their rights to free speech!

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  1. They should be fined anytime they de-platform, unless it is illegal site. Just during election cycle, how would that help out parler. What Amazon did to them is shamful. I hope amazon doesn’t have their claws all over us here on magadon..

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