Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks says he will challenge Electoral College resultsAlabama Rep. Mo Brooks says he will challenge Electoral College results

Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mo Brooks joined Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss the electoral process and the evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Rep. Jim Jordan describes the electoral process and then Rep. Mo Brooks carries the ball to go into details of the rampant cheating that took place in the 2020 election.

Bartiromo asked for examples of evidence of voter fraud, and Rep. Mo Brooks gave three examples in three key states:

Rep. Mo Brooks also calls on the American people to “rise up”:

…” How it plays out, quite frankly, is dependent on the American people … to the extent, they contact their Senators and Congressman and demand honest and accurate elections, then we are going to win this fight on January 6th.  But if the American people do not rise; if they don’t contact their senators; if they do not contact their congressman; demanding that their congressmen and senators do the right thing for our republic, then we are not going to win on January 6th”…

Rep Jim Jordan And Mo Brooks On A Sunday Morning Talk Show Discuss January 6th.

The American people should NEVER accept the results of a fraudulent election. Rise Up!

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4 thoughts on “”How it plays out, quite frankly, is dependent on the American people”…Rep Mo Brooks Calls On Americans to “Rise Up”…Gives Examples of Ballot Fraud in Three Key States”
  1. We need to have better responses then lining people up and shooting them it makes up sound crazy. I get it we are all pissed that they are trying to steal this. Most of what these people did is fraud and braking the law not treason. Sure we need to call them up we also need to stand out side there houses not till the 6th basically be in there face as much as we can. These spineless republicans see the bigger threat being democrats cancelling people burning things down. They see us as we will be pissed for a few days then we have to go back to work and we just move on we never keep going. We should oh been non stop on everyone of these fools sense election day not letting them sleep or have a minutes peace so all they want to do is make it stop.

    1. Think the Country will track down the offenders at that point. Can’t split up and leave nuclear bases willy nilly. Nor munitions depots and military hardware. Secession is not the answer. This will get very very ugly very quickly when forced disarmament and detainment under some pretense like medical law or red flag laws get used en masse. People aren’t going to just wear a mask that dosen’t work from the first lockdown and give up weapons to be pushed around and targeted by super Karen’s looking to settle vote history with some kind of sharia law kangaroo court being held by your local community organizer. It’s going to be abloodbath. Every law, politician, government etc all hinges on a functional voter system. Once that is completely compromised and allowed to continue – buckle up kiddo, its going to a huge roller coaster of power abuse and hypocracy.

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