Newsmax Host Greg Kelly: The Kraken Is About To “Really Happen”Newsmax Host Greg Kelly: The Kraken Is About To “Really Happen”

According to Newsmax Host Greg Kelly, the Kraken is about to really happen.

It is supposed to “change the game”.

Of course, the Kraken was what Sidney Powell dubbed her lawsuits all across the country exposing Voter Fraud.

It is unclear if this is referring to that.

We have a ton of other bombshell evidence that has surfaced.

Here is a short recap of all the evidence:

Biden doing 5% better in places that used Dominion voting machines
Audits showing a lot of fraud coming from voting machines
Bombshell report from Peter Navvaro outlining enough fraud to overturn the election
Intel agent telling Maria Bartiarmo Trump won

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5 thoughts on “Newsmax Host Greg Kelly: The Kraken Is About To “Really Happen””
    1. I’m hoping they are just waiting until after Christmas to release the beast. Then again, wouldn’t it be an amazing Christmas gift if it happened on Christmas? If it doesn’t at least happen at some point, America as we know it will be no more.

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