Trump’s Social Media Director Shares New Trump VideoTrump’s Social Media Director Shares New Trump Video

If you need some extra inspiration this morning this is sure to get you going.

Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino has put out a new video and it’s absolutely brilliant!

Trump’s definitely not finished.

I’m not the emotional type but the music and Trump’s narration absolutely touched a soft spot in my heart.

President Trump is right we should “treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation” and the outsiders do make a difference!

Users on Twitter loved it:

So everyone who is reading this if you’re about to give up, take the advice of our great President “YOU MUST KEEP PUSHING FORWARD”.

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By Jr

I support Trump!

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Social Media Director Shares New Trump Video”
  1. Maricopa County in AZ starts Forensic exam of Ballots and those hokey voting machines tomorrow.

    If they get exposed, the rest of the contested states will hopefully follow. Why hasn’t Dominion filed their lawsuits yet? Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have said “Bring it”

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