Thousands Of Trump Supporters Gather In D.C

Video shows thousands of Trump supporters have gathered in D.C.

Even the Mainstream Media is admitting it!

More video:

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Is the swamp paying attention yet?
“Historic crowds”

story and photo source:

By Jr

I support Trump!

3 thoughts on “Thousands Of Trump Supporters Gather In D.C”
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  2. Wow. Man!! Look at that crowd. I sure wish I could have been there. Trump really gets a great turn-out for every occasion. How could anyone think that Biden could possibly win over Trump. The left are just loonie!

  3. It’s about time that people learned from the events of the civil rights movement in this generation to march agaist the capitol… Sad how long it took for people to stop being so tolerant and indifferent when there are matters of justice such as this. Americans have been blinded by Washington for far too long.

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