“We Have To Save This Country”- Trump Sits Down With Interview With Sebastian Gorka

Donald J Trump gave another great interview.

Trump gave a thirty-minute interview to Sebastian Gorka on his show America First.

From Newsweek:

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The former president also touted his endorsements of Republican candidates and said the GOP had a “great bench” for the 2022 midterm elections.

“The endorsement that I give has a lot to do with a lot of victories, which is a great honor for me because people trust us,” Trump said. “And you see what’s happening is when I endorse somebody they’re winning.”

“I think we’re gonna have a victory in a year and a half,” Trump said of the upcoming midterm elections.

He also mentioned how much money he has been raising.

He said this money would be used to help good candidates in 2022 as well as support him if he runs in 2024.

Trump would not be drawn in discussing his specific future plans but called for donations through his website and said he was “raising a lot of money.”

There is a ton in this interview.

It is a must-watch.

Here is the full interview:

story and photo source:

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By Jr

I support Trump!

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