Mike Lindell: “Everyone’s Going To See This Miracle Unfold…To Be Released On Friday!”

Mike Lindell is one of the good guys.

Scratch that, one of the GREAT guys.

A man who will likely go down in the history books alongside Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn, Patrick Byrne and of course President Donald J. Trump for saving this nation.

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As you likely know by now, Lindell got in a dust-up with Newsmax in an interview this morning.

But that absolutely did NOT happen when he later did an interview with this dude who looks like Glenn Beck.

Lindell was allowed to speak and you’re gonna LOVE what he has to say.

He’s put together a 3 hour documentary that is dropping on Friday and it’s supposed to be a compilation of all the voter fraud evidence Lindell has gathered so far.

He says it will be impossible to ignore.

He also says very confidently everyone IS going to see this miracle unfold, and oh what a miracle it will be!

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Mike Lindell discusses his 3 hour Documentary on election fraud that will drop Friday Feb 5, 2021. “If you knew what I know you would be so confident right now.” This is the last 18 minutes of that interview. See the FULL interview at the link below.

#MikeLindell @RealMikeLindell on his 3 hour documentary that he will release Friday, February 5th, 2021.

Here is the last 18 minutes of that great interview.

This interview is titled: Mike Lindell of My Pillow Discussing His View of Current Events on Truth Unveiled with Paul Oebel on the Faith Unveiled Network. Link is youtu(dot)be/KY6zF9E3DIY

“Mike Lindell, the owner of My Pillow has direct contact with the President of the USA. He will be sharing his story of how he became friends with, and still communicates with The President. He’ll also give us his view of where we’re at today.”

Please enjoy this one….

From Rumble: Mike Lindell: “Everyones going to see this miracle unfold.” | Election Fraud Documentary | 2/2/2021

And from GabTV:

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3 thoughts on “Mike Lindell: “Everyone’s Going To See This Miracle Unfold…To Be Released On Friday!””
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  2. I can’t believe what they did to him at Newsmax. Where are we going to get our news when big tech gets to every one of our news sources? I am sure they have their eyes on every internet site that is still trying to get the truth out there. I pray for the right to actual news. Is this really America?

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